I'm so very excited. I have now lost almost 50 pounds. The NEW Ultimate Balance Pack is the reason I'm so excited. I eat 3 meals a day, sometimes have snacks, often have desserts, just regular meals, NOT diet meals,and I'm feeling so GREAT I'm wearing the clothes I bought over the years, expecting to loseweight and be able to wear them, and now they are being worn, and I have to go thru them frequently, because I'm finding that some of them are too big already. It is so much fun, to just eat a normal diet, no worry about eating out, going to some ones home, or just eating what everyone else is eating and the weight is coming off. It is not dropping by 10 pounds a week, as this is unhealthy anyway and it probably would not stay off, it is coming off a few pounds at a time, I get on the scales only once or twice a month and they go down every time. I can feel the changes. Also, people are seeing the difference and wondering what I am doing. Whow, Martha, you have lost so much weight, you look so good, how are you doing it????

If you or anyone you know needs to lose weight to be healthier, then we have the products that will help them to achieve their goal. Do you realize that I have tried everything and I mean everything to lose weight and the only time I ever lost more than 10 pounds and not regained it immediately is NOW. I did lose quite a bit of weight when I had a stomach problem and was on liquids ONLY, a diet similar to the one that Oprah was on at one time, and as soon as I started eating normal whole foods again, I gained it back faster than I lost it plus lots more pounds. If I can lose weight with these products and continue to lose weight, then I believe anyone can have success. Exercise? I have only done the normal walking for every day needs. I expect I would lose little faster if I did some walking for 20 min or more a day. But so far the weather has been too cold, or the time not available when the weather was cooperating. I do expect to enjoy some time walking when Spring really gets here...

PLEASE, ask me for help if you have any questions and if you or anyoneyou know has any problems, I will gladly help them find success. Of course, there is a 60 day money back guarantee for retail sales, or product exchange for wholesale sales. So don't be afraid to try the products.

Good Health, your friend, Martha

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