Hormone Imbalance

Lynne S. shared,

In the spring of 1997 I was concerned about my overall health and made a list of symptoms. That list included fatigue, very low energy, poor quality sleep, hypoglycemic tendencies and excessive sweet cravings, thyroid-like symptoms (cold feet and hands and weight gain). I also had menstrual disturbances (very heavy blood flow, severe cramping, and migraine headaches). I was emotional, irritable at times, and sometimes depressed for no reason. I decided to try Enrich's products before prescription medications. The first products I took were Wild Yam capsules, Kelp, Licorice, and Black Cohosh. By the time I had my next menstrual cycle, it was completely normal. NO CRAMPS! Regular blood flow that lasted only 2 days and no headaches.

When I heard about Wild Yam Cream, I purchased and read the book 'What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause' by Dr. John R. Lee. Everything he said about pre-menopausal women was me. The list on page 135-36 listed 17 pre- menopausal symptoms; I had 14 of them. I started Wild Yam Cream Oct. 7th, 1997 and used approximately 1/4 of a tsp. for two weeks before menses and I kept a journal.

Through October and November I felt worse than I had felt in awhile. Sometimes depressed, sometimes tired, but I recognized from Dr. Lee's book that my estrogen receptors were starting to work and this would soon turn around. In November my sweet cravings were gone. I no longer salivated at the thought of chocolate. It was easy to make healthy food choices. I was sleeping better at night and waking up refreshed every single day.

In December my clothes were loose. I had lost 1 inch in each thigh and 4 in my waist. The after lunch energy dip was gone. Mood swings were gone and my hands and feet were feeling warm again. I never would have believed that a little 2 oz. bottle of natural progesterone cream applied daily for only two weeks out of the month would make such wonderful changes in my health.

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