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Japanese <-> English
Localization analyst

Japanese - English Bilingual Services
Localization analysis, management and QA Make sure the localization process is efficient and the final product is functional and accurate.
Translation/Localization For your software, multimedia, Web pages, manuals, legal documents, subtitles, voiceover, etc.
Bilingual office support Internet, Fax, tele-conference, 3-way calling, Call forwarding, etc. enable you to take full advantage of outside bilingual office support on demand. (Retainer fee may apply)
Interpreting Face to face or by phone.
Japanese lessons Customized individual or group lessons at any level.
Years of experience
High quality

send your inquiry to: eueda@hiwaay.net,
USA(01) 256- 880-7663
Huntsville Alabama, USA

My background :
I grew up in Japan, educated at the highest level at one of the best universities in Japan, came to the US to attend a graduate school, and have been in the US as a student, bilingual professional, parent, wife, business owner, etc.
Localization analysis, management and QA:
Well written, easy to understand, authentic sounding software, manuals, web pages, multimedia, brochures, etc. will ensure the ready acceptance of your products in your target marketplace. Software and Web site localization involves many steps and only the experienced can coordinate and navigate the process efficiently. Codes written for English would most likely fail to handle Japanese characters properly, and require thorough testing and adjustments. With 25+ years of experience in the industry, localizing complex CAD/CAM systems, medical equipments, server / client database based systems, intelligent financial advice software, music software, astrology program, Web pages, Newsletters, Department catalogs, books, etc., I can help you find solutions to many localization challenges you may face.

If this is your first attempt to go into Japanese market, give me a call. In most cases, I work in an environment where no one else speaks Japanese. Don't let all that myth about going into Japanese market scare you.

High quality translation is possible only when the translator has a good writing skill and a good understanding of the culture, not to mention the ability to understand the subject and the languages. I offer one stop translation services that take your software, manuals, web pages, brochures, legal documents, etc., and return them to you in the ready to publish forms in Acrobat pdf files, Web files, sound files, video files, etc.
Bilingual office support:
Internet, Fax, tele-conference, 3-way calling, Call forwarding, etc. enable you to take full advantage of outside bilingual office support on demand. Japanese customers and venders need Japanese speaking contacts. Until you are ready to hire a full time Japanese speaking staff, on demand bilingual office support is available for your documents, emails, phone calls, etc. (Retainer fee may apply)
Not all interpreters are created equal. For an interpreter to be an effective bridge of communication, a good language skill is just a starting point. A good understanding of the cultures, customs, business practices, and daily lives behind the languages are just as important. With my extensive living, studying and working experiences in Japan and in the US, I offer interpreter services that make sure your Japanese-English cross-cultural communication needs are adequately addressed.
Computer Setup:
PCs, High speed Internet connection, Trados 2007, WordfFast, TranslationWorkspace, Idiom, Acrobat, MS Office, etc.

B.A. and M.A. in Experimental Psychology from Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.

Experimental Psychology Ph.D. programs at Hokkaido University Japan and The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio.

To Space And Back, Sally Ride and Susan Okie authors, Etsuko Ueda translator, Mamoru Mohri added chapter, 1992, Kaisei-Sha, Tokyo.

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