How to use natural progesterone supplementation

Natural progesterone supplementation is available as skin cream, skin oil, sublingual (under the tongue) drops, and capsules. To simulate the normal progesterone level seen in a woman's body, skin cream provides the most reliable and stable delivery of biologically available progesterone.

Note: Mineral oil will prevent the progesterone from being absorbed into the skin. (Be aware that many skin care products contain mineral oil and you should not apply them along with progesterone cream.)

How to apply natural progesterone cream
The normal level of progesterone (10 to 40 mg/day) can be obtained by applying 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon once or twice a day (enough to spread over one area of your body such as belly, thigh, chest, face, arm, etc.). This amounts to 1 ounce (containing 500mg progesterone) or less per month. You can use 2 ounce per month for 3 month after years of depletion. Change the place you apply to avoid saturation. For the best result, combine progesterone cream with other supplements to address various aspects of hormonal imbalance. See
Health Basics

Use the cream for about 25 days each month. Then stop it for about 3 to 5 days. The break is necessary to restore your body's sensitivity to progesterone.

Before menopause or too young for menopause
Whether your problem is menstrual cramping, irregular periods, PMS, or other symptoms of estrogen dominance and/or progesterone deficiency, the basic idea is to supplement progesterone during the time your body would normally produce progesterone, which is between day 12 and 26 counting from the onset of bleeding. However, low dosage of progesterone (below 10 mg of progesterone or 1/8 tsp. of the cream per day) used during the week preceding ovulation is beneficial to the body. It can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts, and endometriosis.

To avoid breakthrough bleeding triggered by sudden drop of progesterone level, apply the progesterone cream twice a day and gradually increase the dosage for the each 2 or 3 weeks duration (for example, from 1/8 tsp. the first week, 1/4 tsp. the second week, 1/2 tsp. the rest).

Important: It may take up to 3 months before you can achieve hormone balance. Due to the complex nature of the interactions between estrogen and progesterone. Your estrogen dominance symptoms may worsen at first.

PMS, early miscarriages, and infertility

Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Polycystic ovarian syndrome is associated with overactive androgen/male hormones and high blood sugar level. This can be safely and effectively dealt with progesterone, DHEA, low carbohydrate diet + chromium (
ChromaTone), and stress fighting multivitamins and minerals.

Men need Progesterone too
Prostate cancer and prostate enlargement is related to estrogen dominance and progesterone /testosterone deficiency. As men age, more testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone(DHT), which stimulates prostate growth as well as hair loss, while its inhibitor, progesterone level falls. Also less progesterone /testosterone level means higher estrogen dominance that is implicated in prostate cancer as well as cancer of other reproductive organs and colon. Progesterone is also a primary precursor of testosterone in men. 8 to 10 mg of progesterone supplementation per day is beneficial to men. For enlarged prostate, apply progesterone cream directly near the prostate to reduce the size.

How to measure the level of biologically available progesterone.
A traditional blood test measures both inactive (98% ) and active (2 %) form of a hormone, and it is not sensitive enough to keep track the active form of hormones, although what really matters is the level of active form of hormones. Natural progesterone cream enters into blood circulation as active form of progesterone. So, if you want to see the active form of hormone level, use saliva test or blood spot test, which reflect the amount of active form of hormones delivered to the tissues. Note that progesterone applied to your skin goes through a rapid rise and fall within a span of 15 hours. For most people, the symptoms, how you feel is a good enough measure, if not better. There seams to be a wide individual differences.

If you are facing serious health challenges
Consult the following books and get accurate diagnosis.

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