Natural Ways Of Dealing With Infertility: Laurie Muscio

I had battled infertility for nearly 8 years and had been through all sorts of fertility drugs and programs without any success. I started taking Enrich herbal products including Wild Yam, Performa F, Red Raspberry and others. Today, my 'herbal baby' is one year old and extremely healthy.

My girl friend was having trouble with conceiving and she started doing what I did and she too has a new baby as a result of getting her body and hormones functioning properly.

I must preface this by telling you that I am not a doctor, I cannot diagnose or prescribe, these are suggestions that have been used by herbalists treating infertility with success. Ultimately your body is your responsibility. Also keep in mind every women's cycle is unique to that person, so these herbs might need to be tailored to treat that individual. For example, a woman with endometriosis would follow a slightly different regime. Please contact the person who gave this information to you.

For 90 day therapy:

Wild Yam:6 to 8 capsules per day to balance the three types of estrogen in the body. A fatter person need less.

Wild Yam Cream: For the best results, mimic the healthy progesterone production in the body by using the cream for 3 weeks each month as following (skipping menstruation week). On the first day when you no longer have your period until the 8th day apply 1/8 tsp., the next 8 days apply 1/4 tsp. and the last 8 days 1/2 tsp. After 90 days, use the cream only during the first week after the period at 1/8 tsp. each month. Repeart it when you did not get pregnant. (Note: These amount is for an average weight person. A larger person need more. Keep the amount low untill ovulation occurs.)

Performa F: An excellent combination of herbs for the female glandular system. A good source of Suma and Ginseng. Take 2 capsules daily.

Prenatal Pack: This pack provides a Multi/ Vitamin/ Mineral supplement which includes a complete range of vitamins and minerals including 400mcg of folic acid. Also included is a B-Complex which plays a central role in healthy nervous system function and hormone balance. Red Raspberry Tea is also in the pack which has been used for centuries to nourish and strengthen the female system.

Nature's Tea: This herbal combination helps to clean and condition the colon. Therefore, allowing better absorption of herbs.

Use the tea once daily or every other day at night as needed, but stop the tea once you are near ovulation or are pregnant. It can be very strong. Adjust the brewing time according to your needs.

LiFiber: A psyllium based drink which can be added to cleanse and maintain the colon.

Cleanse Pack: This would only be used for 2 weeks. You would only need to use this if you have problems with yeast, you have been on prolonged antibiotics, or have a medical condition.

Cal-Mag Chelate: A good combination of Vitamin D and Calcium. Vitamin D affects fertility by influencing calcium metabolism in reproductive tissues.

When conception occurs, discontinue Nature's Tea. When conception occurs during the 90 days, be certain to continue Wild Yam Cream at 1/2 tsp. daily to prevent sudden drop of progesterone level.

According to the work by Dr. John Lee, we have an epidemic of unopposed estrogen going on in this country. The story begins at a lake down in Florida where the alligators and animals around the lake were dying off. They appeared to be perfectly healthy, however. The water was tested for toxins because there had been a pesticide/herbicide spill there 8 years earlier. The water tested fine. After more research was done, they found that the toxins had settled at the bottom of the lake in the saponins, or fats, of the plants and algae. At the bottom of the food chain, basically. So the entire food chain was effected by these toxins. They also found that the alligators and other animals had a definite "mutation". In the males, the citoli cells were also "burnt out". So, the females were unable to produce progesterone, and the males were unable to produce sperm. The babies were born unable to reproduce!! And so. They started dying off.

Further research showed that human beings are also susceptible to herbicides and pesticides in the same way. Women are not able to produce the levels of progesterone that they need to, and men are not able to produce sperm in the amounts necessary to reproduce. By age 35, 50% of American women are missing their progesterone levels altogether. Some symptoms of low progesterone levels in females are: hair loss, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, muscular aches and pains, fibrocystic breast disease, depression, thyroid problems, fibroid tumors, miscarriage, inability to conceive, uterine cancer, edema, PMS, heavier periods, swollen and tender breasts, lost interest in sex, changes in period and headaches.

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