From Raging Hormones To Balanced Living

A case of severe PMS

I'm Kim Piner from Huntsville, Alabama. I'm married and I have a five-year-old son. I am thrilled to spread the word about natural progesterone's success in my life -- specifically Enrich's natural progesterone cream called Wild Yam Cream.

Five years ago (I was 31), during my pregnancy, I began dealing with what I will call "hormonal issues." After my son was born, I figured things would level out again. When Joshua was 7 months old the symptoms were not only still there, they were getting worse! One sobering realization really gnawed at me--no matter how much willpower and determination I had, I could not lose the weight, in fact, I continued to gain. This was all in spite of doing all the common sense things we're told to do--exercise, cut calories and fat grams. Not until I gained 20 additional pounds in one weekend and my neck swelling to the point of causing my 16" gold chain to almost cut off my circulation did I admit to myself, "I can't do it. I've done everything I know to do and it's not working. Something is really wrong here." This brings me to an embarrassing point -- until it happened to me, I had never really taken PMS complaints that seriously; I thought that most hormonal and PMS complaints were at the very least an excuse to lose self-control and gain weight and, at the very most, were things some people would just "have to deal with."

Now, here I was with this list of symptoms a mile long that included all those things I had ignorantly dismissed as excuses or exaggerations:

Extreme Fatigue, Mood swings, Water retention, Breast swelling and tenderness, Severe headaches, Foggy thinking and inability to concentrate, Unexplained weight gain, Joint pain, Dry and cracking skin, Vaginal dryness and odor, Heavy dark menstrual flow and clotting, Bleeding gums, Poor night vision, Irritability (Well, wouldn't you be irritable with all THESE symptoms - Ha!)

Quite honestly, I was afraid to report these symptoms to my OB/GYN because I thought he just might tell me I was losing it. Thankfully, he very graciously confirmed that these things were in fact hormonal and there was a logical explanation. He determined that my thyroid was virtually inactive which explained the weight gain and the goiter neck. He gave some sound advise of getting started on synthroid to regulate my thyroid and in turn take care of a great deal of the symptoms. He also gave practical suggestions such as foods to avoid and helpful vitamins. We were both hopeful that this was the answer. Well, it most definitely helped. A great deal of the weight came off, I had more control of my emotions and a good bit of my energy returned, so this thyroid situation was turned over to my GP for maintenance.

Within the next two years, other than my expected routine upper respiratory infections, (you see what my expectations of health were!) I was functioning fairly well. Then, things really got strange for me. Not only did all the former symptoms return, they were worse. At first I thought I had the flu, but after about a month, I realized it must be something else. I was having hot flashes--now remember I'm only 36. In addition, my concentration was so poor I ran a red light, I could no longer balance the checkbook and my husband was trying to help me complete my sentences. I had headaches so severe I had to draw the shades, lie very still and have total silence to endure them. I couldn't remember things, things that are helpful to remember--like your own phone number. I experienced severe mood swings (which were uncharacteristic for me) and extreme fatigue (couldn't care for my family, home, or even my own personal hygiene-- sometimes it took me 3 days to get enough energy to shower). I thought, "No problem, my thyroid must be out of sorts again." However, after running a series of tests, my doctor reported that he found nothing unusual from the diagnostic tests (no hormone tests were run at this time). He said there seemed to be a shut down of every system in my body from a review of the symptoms and these symptoms seemed to fit the profile of manic depression or bipolar disorder so he recommended an anti-depressant. Although I sensed this was not getting to the root problem, I did begin taking the anti-depressant--it seemed to be my only option. Then, someone referred me to Dr. John Lee's book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause and that was the turning point in my life for balanced health. At least the anti- depressant helped me have enough sense to be able to read this book in 48 hours!

I reported this new information to my doctor and he willingly checked my progesterone and determined it was relatively low. He worked with me in developing a plan to begin the cream and to wean myself off of the medication. I began the cream nine months ago in March. Since that night, I've not had one single hot flash. I had the best night's sleep I could remember. I actually woke up feeling rested. I lost 2 dress sizes in 2 weeks. In 6 weeks I was off of the Prozac. As of November, I no longer need a nap. I took other Enrich products to cleanse toxins from by body (Native Legends Tea, the Cleanse Pack, and the Paraway Pack). I am also currently using the Calcium/ Magnesium Chelate, Chloroplasma, Bee Pollen Granules, Megamins, the Multi- Vitamin/Mineral and Don Quai.

My doctor was so astounded with the results, he refers patients interested in the natural progesterone to me so they can purchase the Wild Yam Cream! In addition, I began taking Allercalm for my seasonal allergies that had always turned into sinusitis, bronchitis, etc. For the past 20 years, I had suffered at least two upper respiratory illnesses per year, but since March, I have not had one sinus infection after strengthening that system. You better believe this situation caused me and my husband to take a look at taking more responsibility for our health by researching the natural options available.

Our faith in the Lord sustained us during this bizarre time. My husband had told me that he sensed I would get better and that when I did I would have a responsibility to help others. It's been my prayer since last March that God would allow me to share with at least one person a day what he did for me through the use of the Wild Yam Cream, herbs, and natural vitamins. God has answered that prayer ten-fold. It is a privilege to help others by making information available to them that will help them make wise choices. Supplementing with top quality herbs and natural remedies like the ones available and tested by Enrich will definitely remain an integral part in the overall health routine of our family.

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