How is natural progesterone made?
Laboratories take wild yam or soybean, extract a plant hormone called diosgenin, and convert that to progesterone. Diosgenin does not turn into progesterone in human body. The conversion has to be done in laboratories. However, Wild yam extract is commonly added to progesterone cream for additional benefits.

What is natural progesterone cream?
The exact ingredients of a progesterone cream product differ from brand to brand. Dr. Lee's book lists 34 brands of natural progesterone cream products on the market that are suitable for his method of application. Important things to note are:

  1. Progesterone has to be suspended in the proper medium for it to be effectively absorbed. If progesterone is not properly stabilized, it will get oxidized and deteriorate. (A person who bought progesterone cream from a store told me hers got watery by the time she got to the bottom of the jar. I have been using Wild Yam Cream by Enrich and have never seen it get watery. )
  2. To provide 10 to 40 mg/day of progesterone according to Dr. Lee's method, the progesterone cream has to contain 400-500 mg of progesterone per ounce. Although natural progesterone is made from diosgenin extracted from wild yam or soybean, diosgenin does not convert into progesterone in human body.
  3. The value of added ingredients: Commonly, natural progesterone cream contains other herbal ingredients which complement the action of progesterone. For example, Wild Yam Cream's main active ingredients are: extracts of wild yam and soy as phyto-estrogens and phyto-progesterones, natural progesterone, Evening Primrose oil as gamma-linoleic acid to support the production of a hormone called prostaglandins which aids hormonal balance, Licorice extract to support adrenal glands to produce many vital hormones from progesterone including an estrogen precursor. Weak plant estrogens can take on a dual role in stabilizing the body's estrogen needs. In the absence of a "strong" estrogen, the "weak" estrogen increases estrogenic activity. In a situation of dominance by a "strong" estrogen, the weak estrogen competes, "dilutes" and reduces estrogenic activity.

    Note: I did some comparison shopping, and the best deal I found so far, in terms of quality, price and convenience is to buy Wild Yam Cream by Enrich which contains 400 - 500 mg/oz of natural progesterone (labeled as "extracts of soy and wild yam containing progesterone" to indicate the source), verified by Dr. Lee's independent lab test (his book lists this as one of natural progesterone cream products on the market that is suitable for his method of application). Click here for order information.

Other forms of natural progesterone supplements

Natural progesterone supplementation is available as skin cream, skin oil, sublingual (under the tongue) drops, and capsules. To simulate the normal progesterone level seen in a woman's body, skin cream provides the most reliable and stable delivery of biologically available progesterone.

Synthetic progesterone (progestins) are NOT progesterone

Synthetic progestins (e.g. levonorgestrel, medroxyprogesterone acetate in contraceptive and HRT pills) are different from natural (human) progesterone in their molecular composition. Synthetic progestins perform some but not most of the functions of natural progesterone. Birth control pills and Provera contain synthetic progestins, and are frequently prescribed for miscarriages, irregular or heavy bleeding, and various pre and post menopausal symptoms. Synthetic progestins come with a long list of side effects and health risks, many of which are serious (see pages 86-88 of Dr. Lee's book). Oddly, many doctors seem to have mistaken belief that medroxyprogesterone acetate (Provera) is identical to human progesterone. Natural progesterone cream is the best source of progesterone supplement and readily available. There is no reason to use synthetic progestins.

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