Who Owns You?
Michelle A. Bartley

Tell me who owns you,
What soothes your heart,
Who do you turn to,
When things fall apart?

Do you run to a bottle,
Filled neatly with gin,
And drink 'til your numb,
To begin once again?

Or do you turn to rage,
And scream "life's unfair,"
While ranting and raving,
That nobody cares?

Maybe some pills,
To put you, out cold,
Erasing the memory,
Of dreams you have sold.

Tell me who owns you,
What eases your mind,
When true love and happiness,
Is so hard to find?

Do you run to a lover,
No matter who,
For some satisfaction,
To just see you through?

Maybe you cling,
Tightly to the past,
Grasping at times,
That speed by so fast.?

Or do you withdrawl,
And hide in a shell,
While privately living,
In your own silent hell?

Tell me who owns you,
What feeds your soul,
When darkness comes in,
And you don't feel whole?

Do you run to a pastor,
Or some guru guide,
To bless you and make you,
Feel better inside?

Or do you go see a mystic,
The future foretold,
So you may be prepared,
For what it may hold.

Maybe you turn,
To the science of man,
To answer the questions,
You don't understand?

Tell me, who owns you,
What's your driving force,
Who helps you walk down,
Your given course?

Do you aim your sights,
At a world that is gray,
In search of a love,
That will not go away?

Or is it you tend,
To solely rely,
On your inflated ego,
To help you get by?

Maybe it's money,
And people to use,
That you can replace,
For inner values?

So tell me, who owns you?
For the things you chase after,
Are bound to become,
Your God and your master!

Michelle A. Bartley
Email: dbartley@webbernet.net
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