On The Heels of Depression
By Lora L. Young

On the heels of depression is the fear of a return visit. The hope it wont return, and anger at the very thought of ever having to deal with it again.

The fear can become a friend. The hope a bit of sunshine. The anger your strongest strength. The road, though not always smooth, does lead to comfort and peace - even moments of elated joy! The mountain tops and valleys become less of a rollercoaster, and self-acceptance and satisfaction do settle in.

When the fear is faced and understood it can be used as a vehicle, a springboard, the caution light, the friend who says to be alert - prepare and take action. But, you must not let its persistence overwhelm you. This could bring you down and immobilize you; thus turning this friend into a dreaded enemy. It is you who decides if fear will be your enemy or your friend.

Your hope is your desire. The aching, gut wrenching desire to overcome this battle. It is that glimmer of remembrance of how good life was without depression. It's a vision of the future without the kind of depression that takes you out - so to speak. The tiny thread that tells you, "You can and will survive to see brighter days." Just hang on. This thread is strong and so are you. You will see the sunshine.

The anger in itself is scary. But, welcome it and use it's energy to propel you into action. Draw on the strength of this energy to build yourself up and to fuel a determination to overcome. Not to just overcome. But, to survive and overcome stronger and better than ever before.

Surely there will be bouts in the future. They will get better. You will get stronger. Just remember -- that on the heels of depression there is a Friend. There is Sunshine. There is Strength and YOU!!

Lora L. Young