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Smile at a stranger. Tell mom you love her.
USA - Monday, April 13, 1998 at 23:15:47 (CDT)
Enjoying sparky little tune right now! Always sleep on your anger--may fly away overnight to Never Never Land!!!!!
Loretta <Lgust@aol.com>
Lewiston, Id USA - Thursday, March 19, 1998 at 00:26:25 (CST)
What makes me feel happy, is justed sitting down under a the shade of a tree on a sunny day at a park, and have a nice nap while and dreaming.
Can Nguyen <knguyen@bsumail.idbsu.edu>
Boise, ID USA - Wednesday, March 18, 1998 at 18:21:02 (CST)
I'm happy when nothing bad happens to me during the day!
Ellen Shores <eshorese@gritman.org>
Moscow, ID USA - Thursday, March 05, 1998 at 11:23:53 (CST)
WHEELING, IL INTERNATION - Wednesday, February 25, 1998 at 07:49:11 (CST)
i'm happy when i am dancing
lynnae <nae7508@aol.com>
indianola, ia USA - Wednesday, February 18, 1998 at 16:23:09 (CST)
As far as I'm concerned, happiness is all around me. The thing, I think, that makes me the happiest, is probably when I get the chance to go home and spend time with my family in California. Happiness is surfing for hours in the warm sun, or snowboarding on the beautiful white mountains. Happiness is getting to spend time with Ben-having long talks and outings with him. Happiness is getting to spend time with friends and relatives that I haven't seen in months. Happiness is taking a deep breathe and a good look at all the beautiful things nature has surrounded us with. Happiness is knowing someone is always there for me. And last but certainly not least, Happiness is a great feeling that should be felt by everyone all the time.
Juliana de Groot <jld46@email.byu.edu>
San Luis Obispo, CA USA - Thursday, February 05, 1998 at 19:41:34 (CST)
Reading about what makes other people happy makes me smile. It's easy to forget that there are people who find joy in simple things these days, and it's refreshing to remind myself otherwise. I wish you all many joys, small and large.
Kathy Grant <kzgrant@hotmail.com>
USA - Wednesday, February 04, 1998 at 22:33:31 (CST)
Happiness is a warm heart and a cold nose. the dog is our best freind the one who loves you no matter the weather and is always happy to see you what evers going on. So when you need a lift spend some time with a furry freind. Youll be glad you did! your freind happydog97
happy <happydog97@aol.com>
miami, fla USA - Wednesday, January 28, 1998 at 00:03:27 (CST)
TREASURE - in loving memory of Diana. In a little island in a secret place lies a treasure. To go there you need the secret password - blood. There are only a few who come here for the right reasons, they know how to find it and bring strength from it. Others can but cry and try to understand what's happened. I would like to go there, I hear it's beautiful. It's a place for the body to rest and the mind to ease, a place of respect and rememberance - a place where you can be born. No one can steal the beauty, it's already been stolen once. No one want's to ruin this place, it is to be kept in our minds as something so unique and special that nothing can ever be compared to it.
Theresa Erling <sigourney@hotmail.com>
Stockholm, Lidingö Sweden - Wednesday, January 21, 1998 at 07:57:44 (CST)
If I can share the days together with my family in Europe or USA.
Ragil Mackenzie Drums <primeg@diffy.com>
Jakarta, Indonesia - Saturday, January 17, 1998 at 01:07:59 (CST)
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BRIAN DAVID ANDERSEN <painrelief@quantumdisk.com>
San Diego, CA USA - Sunday, January 11, 1998 at 21:34:13 (CST)
I feel a great sense of happiness when I'm working out, especially lifting weights. I feel a great sense of accomplishment and contentment, because God has blessed this 30-something female with the strength and will to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is a truly spiritual experience for me and makes me very happy.
Richmond , Va USA - Saturday, January 10, 1998 at 05:27:55 (CST)
I het hight at my Central YMCA and also love to sing as my endorphines excel when I sing for 2 hrs. Also I enjoy my nature studies, i.e., brillliance of the sun and moon these days and evenings. I have happy thoughts when I compose poetry sometimes and when I see a smile!
Joanne Sheroke <WendyS.@HarborCom.Net>
Painesville, Ohio USA - Friday, January 09, 1998 at 20:03:55 (CST)
Although not popular, I think happiness is a choice. An internal process. Not something we get from outside ourselves. I talk extensively about this on my site at http://www.datasync.com/~jenn/happiness.htm Jennifer
Jennifer <jenn@datasync.com>
Gautier, MS USA - Wednesday, January 07, 1998 at 15:32:19 (CST)
I am happy just watching my kids enjoying there Christmas vacation and beind able to be here with them. That sure is great!
Sue from PA. <onawanna@aol.com>
scranton, PA USA - Friday, January 02, 1998 at 16:50:51 (CST)
What makes me happy is turning on my computer when I get home and hearing "You got mail!", and it's from a good friend.
AZ USA - Tuesday, December 30, 1997 at 18:33:26 (CST)
Strange........but I can't remember.......what makes me happy. I try to think of my childhood......I was really happy as a child.....excited aout life.....and all it had to offer.......Today.......I have become so disenchanted with life.........that nothing seems to excited me. However, there is a lesson to be learned..in what I'm saying..........never forget aboout what makes you happy.......what makes you smile.....One of my goals for 1998 is to "recapture" my happiness........wish me good luck.........peace
Dave <bigbbgm@aol.com>
NY, NY USA - Monday, December 29, 1997 at 10:41:06 (CST)
Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed or tired I drive my car to a local supermarket or mall and sit and watch the people in the parking lot. I have witnessed so many mini-dramas and it never fails to absorb and inspire me. Like meditation the practice of people-watching is relaxing and completely removes me from preoccupation with my own life concerns. Afterwards I often may recall with deep happiness the affection between a parent and child, the obvious love of a man for his dog or the conviviality of friends.
Margaret W.
USA - Friday, December 26, 1997 at 23:20:08 (CST)
Happiness is a fat warm cat on your lap on a cold winter day
Teena Page <Donavon@prodigy.net>
Bremerton, WA USA - Wednesday, December 24, 1997 at 20:27:55 (CST)
Happiness is a fat warm cat on your lap on a cold winter day
Teena Page <Donavon@prodigy.net>
Bremerton, WA USA - Wednesday, December 24, 1997 at 20:26:17 (CST)
That I know there is someone more powerful than any human that lifts me up when I am down...his name is Jesus. "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." Proverbs 17:22
Frannie B <giegie@nvbell.net>
Reno, NV USA - Monday, December 22, 1997 at 21:53:07 (CST)
I feel happy when my christmas cactus gets flowers and my first seedlings sprout up under artificial lights, reminding me that spring is around the corner, and these sprouts will be beautiful flowers before I know it!
kiddo <shwankboy@aol.com>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Sunday, December 14, 1997 at 22:26:39 (CST)
"Face Pliles of Trials with Smiles, it Riles them to Believe that you have perceived the Web they've Weaved"-Moody Blues
Christen Visci
Chagrin Falls, OH USA - Sunday, December 07, 1997 at 13:21:02 (CST)
I count my blessings. Sometimes, they seem as infinite as a skyful of snowflakes. I am alive, billions of particles and streams of energy flow through me every day. Breathing, flowing with life, I try to be grateful for all the good things I have. Eyes, ears, taste buds, skin. I am in perfect health. I have everything I need to be happy. I have everything I need to be sad, too. The choice is mine. Icount my blessings. Do you count yours?
Ottawa , Ontario Canada - Saturday, December 06, 1997 at 14:18:49 (CST)
I have come from the depths of despair where I thought I didn't deserve to live to a place now where I am happy and well within myself. My "Happy thought" is that even in the darkest moments when it feels impossible to go on that there is life after depression and haveing done the work I can tell you It's great. So hang in there. It can be marvelous.......
JD <rjd@tnet.com.au>
australia - Saturday, November 29, 1997 at 04:52:22 (CST)
i. thank God for the day He gives me.
eileen johnston <dduss@netcom.ca>
cambridge, ont ca - Thursday, November 27, 1997 at 15:37:46 (CST)
I feel happy when I listen to music.. It frees the soul.
Katherine <Balkat>
Brookfield, WI USA - Tuesday, November 18, 1997 at 18:46:28 (CST)
I laugh every time I see my puppy jump. She jumps straight into the air. The older she gets, the higher she jumps, and I still laugh every time. Puppy fun is contagious.
USA - Friday, November 14, 1997 at 21:41:04 (CST)
"Through every dark night there is a bright day after it so keep your head up, stick your chest out and handle it" -TuPac Amaru Shakur
Heather <heatherg@hiwaay.net>
USA - Friday, November 14, 1997 at 21:25:29 (CST)

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