The Top 50 Players Considering Bama.

This is a list to the top 50 players considering Bama. As long as they have Bama on there list they have a chance to make it. QB's will be rated higher then other players cause there isn't as many solid QB's.

1. Terrance Metcalf- OL 6-4 290 5.0 Clarksdale, Mississippi. Some people say he is the best player in Mississippi. He is definetly the best OL in Mississippi. Michael Vaughn was his teammate and they are freinds. Bama leads Ole Miss, UT and OSU.

2. Romaro Miller- QB 6-2 190 4.6 Shannon, Mississippi. Threw for about 3.870 yards and 38 td's as a Sr also had anonther 1,100 rushing yards. He had 4,600 total yards and 51 td's in all as a Sr. He has down to Ole Miss, Alabama and Tennessee.

3. Sam Matthews- DL 6-6 265 4.9 Jacksonville, Florida. He is the top DL in Florida. In my opinion he is the best player on the Jax-Bolles team. .He has committed to Alabama already.

4. Travis Carroll- LB 6-3 240 4.7 Jacksonville, Florida. He is the top LB in Florida. Some say he is the best player on the Jax-Bolles team but I like Matthews over him. He is probably a UA lock but he is also looking at UGA and UCLA.

5. Jamal Reynolds- LB/DE 6-4 240 4.6 Aiken, S. Carolina. He is the top player in S. Carolina. He had 132 tackles and 8 sacks last year. Bama has fallen behind UF now and are now in 3rd for Reynolds who is probably a FSU lock.

6. Char-ron Dorsey- DL 6-7 310 5.0 Jacksonville, Florida. Char-ron is one of the best players around he plays Dl but if he gets any bigger he will end up playing OL. Char-ron is a teammate of Sam Matthews and Chris Reier 2 players who have already committed to Bama. FSU leads Bama for his services though.

7. Kecalf Bailey- DB 5-10 170 4.3 Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He is the top DB in Alabama and most people consider him the top player in Alabama. Kecalf is a real speed burner he also tends to block alot of kicks. He has already committed to Alabama.

8. Orlando Dantzler- DL 6-4 255 4.8 Purvis, Mississippi. He had 123 tackles and 18 sacks as a Jr. His one of the best DL in Mississippi next to K. Smith. Ua and ND are the leaders.

9. Decourye Hampton- OL 6-7 315 5.0 Memphis, Tennessee. Rated th 2nd best OL in the nation by some. Is considered the top player in Tennessee by some. Committed to Memphis but he is still looking at AU, UT and UA he will probably have to go Juco though.

10. Travis Henry- RB 5-8 200 4.6 Frostproof, Florida. He is averaging over 300+ yds per game this year. He had almost 2,000 yds last season and this season he had over 4,000 yards rushing and was named MR football for Florida. His size reminds me of Montoya Madden. UA is the leader if we want him.

11. Kenny Smith- DL 6-4 285 4.9 Meridian, Mississippi. Some people consider him the top player in Mississippi I say he is number 3, He is a top 10 Dl in the nation. Bama is in 3rd behid UF who has a strong lead and Michigan.

12. Tony Dixon- DB 6-2 195 Reform, Alabama. Tony is a HS RB who should play DB or WR in college more then likely DB. He is a top 5 player in Alabama. He has already qualified and committed to Alabama.

13. Andre Lott- DB 6-1 190 4.5 Memphis, Tennessee. He is considered to be the top player in Tennessee by some. He is a relative of Ronnie and Athone Lott. He had 45 tackles and 5 INT's as a DB this past year. He is leaning to UT over UA.

14. Marlon Davis- TE 6-7 235 4.7 Eastman, Georgia. He is a big TE but with his speed he would make a good DE. His core is a little low and may have to go Juco but if he doesn't he would be a great player for Alabama. He is leaning to Alabama over AU.

15. Adam Cox- RB/FB 6-2 220 4.58 Jasper, Alabama. He is one of the best RB's and players in Alabama this year. He wants to play RB but I would love for us to sign him as a FB. Had over 1,700 yds and 19 td's last year. He is leaning to UA over AU and UT.

16. Antoneyo Williams- RB 5-11 215 4.55 Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Had 1,500 yds this past season. He has qualified academically and should now be considered a major college prospect. Antoneyo is generally considered the top player in Alabama. He is leaning to AU ober Bama.

17. Joe Yount- DL 6-5 255 4.7 Albertville, Alabama. He is the top DL in Alabama and a top 10 overall player in Alabama. Camped at UA last season. He is a strong Alabama lean.

18. Kenny Smith- DL 6-7 262 4.7 Stevenson, Alabama. He signed with Alabama last year but didn't qualify and went back to school and now he will probably enroll with Alabama in Febuary. Kenny was one of the top players in the nation last year.

19. Travis Hines- LB 6-2 220 4.6 Tanner, Alabama. Travis goes to a small 2A school but he is a big time player with over 100 tackles in each of the last 2 years. He likes UA over AU and FSU.

20. Shaun Bohnanon- RB 6-3 195 4.5 Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He is considered by some to be the top player in Tennessee. If he qualifies he will go to either UT or UA even though Tennessee has a huge lead Bama has a little shot.

21. Fred Weary- OL 6-5 255 4.8 Montgomery, Alabama. He is a top 10 player in Alabama and he is the one of the 2 best OL in Alabama. He is leaning to UF over AU and UA.

22. Austin Kemp- LB 6-4 217 4.7 Nashville, Tennesse. He is a teammate with Tito Lee. Kemp is the QB on that team and he is a great ATH who will probably play LB in college. Kemp is considered by some to be the top player in Tennessee. He is now leaning to Alabama over UT, Penn St and Mich.

23. Michael Barfield- OL 6-5 265 5.0 Dothan, Alabama. He is a top 5 prospect in Alabama, and is one of the top 2 OL in Alabama this year. UA leads AU, UGA and Ga Tech.

24. Chris Wheeler- LB 6-2 220 4.55 Sylacauga, Alabama. He is the top LB in Alabama this year and there are tons of great ones. He had 157 tackles and 6 sacks last year and had over 200 tackles this year. Damiean Jeffries is his uncle. Will be a UA and AU batlle with FSU, UT and ND looking in.

25. Armark Tolbert- DB 6-1 180 4.5 Augusta, Georgia. He is a teammate of Deon Grant some people say he is better but Deon is bigger and has better grades. He hits very hard. He isn't expected to qualify but if he does he will probably go to UGA or Ga Tech.

26. Tootie Myers- WR 5-11 170 4.36 Petal, Mississippi. He is also a top prospect in baseball. Tootie is also one of the top WR's in the nation. He had a ankle injury last year but still had 1,800 all purpose yards. Tootie is leaning to UA over MSU, LSU, UT, Texas and Ole Miss.

27. Larry Paul- DL 6-3 240 4.6 Moody, Alabama. This is a player I terribly underrated at the beginning of the season I am not just saying that because he committed to Alabama but he is extremly strong. As a Sr Paul had 150 tackles and 26 sacks. He made most post season lists but he didn't make many preseason lists. He has already committed to Alabama.

28. Shawn Draper- DE 6-5 270 4.8 Huntsville, Alabama. He had a great year at DE and he also played TE and FB. Shwan finished the year with 100 tackles and led the Huntsville area in that department. He also plays TE but will play DE or DT in college. He should committ to UA soon.

29. Quincey Jackson- WR 6-1 185 4.5 East Mississippi CC. He is one of the top Juco players around and he is probably the 2nd best Juco Wr in the nation next to Kevin Prentice. He is leaning to Alabama over ASU and MSU.

30. Carlton Person- LB 6-1 235 4.6 Stevenson, Alabama. He is one of the best LB's in Alabama. Was teammates with Kenny Smith last season. Has a BP of 390 pounds. Will probably end up at UA if he qualifies.

31. Bobby Collins- TE 6-5 250 4.7 East Mississippi CC. He is a great TE prospect with 4.7 speed that is super. He also has great hands but is not known for his blocking. He is leaning to UA.

32. Larry Casher- DB 5-11 165 4.4 Mobile, Alabama. He is a little quick DB. Larry is a rue CB though and he is a good one. He is a sleeper and wasn't on any preseason lists though. He is leaning to UA.

33. Mike Gipson- WR 6-2 175 4.5 Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He has been compared to David Palmer but we all know that is not a fair accusation.Gipson had 26 rec's for 353 yards last year. He would also be able to return kicks for us.Gipson has already been offered by Alabama.

34. Antonio Roundtree- ATH 5-9 175 4.4 Jacksonville, Florida. He is a great ATH who will either play WR or DB in college. He is one of the Jax-Bolles students. He is leaning to UA over FSU and UF but he probably won't qualify.

35. Dez White- WR/DB 6-2 210 4.39 Jacksonville, Florida. Dez is probably the best ATh on the Jax-Bolles team. At the Ohio State camp Dez ran a 4.39 so he very fast. He has already qualifies and he is leaning to OSU over Alabama and FSu.

36. Reid Tankerlsy- TE 6-4 235 4.7 Wetunka, Alabama. Reid is a great blcking TE who has not had a lot of experience at catching the football. He is down to AU and Alabama.

37. Kendall Simmons- DL 6-3 315 5.0 Ripley, Mississippi. Kendall is a huge Dl prospect who will probably move to OL. He had 70 tackles and 4 sacks last year. He was leaning to MSu but he changed that to Alabama after his visit. He isnow leaning to UA over AU, MSU and UT.

38. Andrew Zow- DB/LB 6-3 205 4.6 Lake Butler, Florida. He is one of 4 players Alabama has offered off this school. He is a very good player but he injured his ACL which is a serious injury. He started to play some in late October. He is fully qualified and I think he is leaning to Alabama now.

39. Chris Reier- DB 5-9 175 4.5 Jacksonville, Florida. Chris is the leader of the Jax-Bolles team. He was the QB and broke his ankle in the last game of the season. He has already committed to Alabama.

40. Jason McAddley- WR 6-2 185 4.4 Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He is a teammate of Shaun Bohnanon and Mike Gipson he is the least known of ll the players on the team. He had 31 rec's for 783 yards and 8 tds' this past season. He is fully qualified already. UA and Ut are possibilites.

41. Dulymus McAllister- RB 6-2 200 4.6 Morton, Mississippi. He could play WR or safety also but he is a RB. As a Jr he had 1,000+ yards and 14 td's but I don't have his stats as a Sr. He is fully qualfied. He will probably go to UA if we offer.

42. Willie Purifoy- OL 6-5 300 5.1 Greenville, Alabama. he is a big OL from the same school as Michael Faegin and Ozell Powell. He is a great pass blocker. UA is the leader.

43. Tony Moss- DL 6-2 275 4.85 Newman, Georgia. He is a great big pass rusher with 4.8 speed. He is a top 5 DL in Gerogia. UA has the lead.

44. Marcus Evans- DL 6-6 240 4.5 Waynesboro, Mississippi. He runs a 4.5 40 I have never heard of that from somebody his size. He is one of the best players in Mississippi even though he isn't rated very highly there. Ua hasn't shown much intrest but I think he will still be a SUPERSTAR.

45. Herman Bell- ATH 5-8 170 4.5 Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A quick little ATH on the Tuscaloosa-Central team who will probably play Flanker in college. He will have problems qualifying but he is looking at UA hard if he qualifies.

46. Torrey Day- WR 6-1 175 4.5 Birmingham, Alabama. He is a sleeper type player from Birmingham that you don't hear alot about but he has UA in the lead by a lot.

47. Robert Taylor- LB 6-4 235 4.6 Birmingham, Alabama. He is a good player but he is a sleeper if he qualifies will get major college attention. But that isn't likely to happen. He likes UA.

48. Antwan Bond- TE/DE 6-4 260 4.9 Haywood, Tennessee. I don't know much about him except Bama and UT are his top choices.

49. Kevin Taylor- WR 6-2 175 4.45 Memphis, Tennessee. He had 40 rec's for 950 yards and 11 td's as a Sr. He likes Bama, UT, Mich St and Colorado.

50. Jason Standrige- QB 6-4 215 4.58 Trussville, Alabama. I put him down just incase since Meiko Collier committed to AU and we didn't get Romaro Miller he would come here.