1997 Verbals for Alabama.

1. Kecalf Bailey- CB 5-9 160 4.3 Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Kecalf is considered one of the 3 best players he is the best DB in Alabama. Most publications have him listed as there number 1 player in Alabama. I expect him to make a immediate impact at UA next season probably backing up up Townsend. He committed to Alabama on September 16.

2. Chris Reier- DB 5-9 175 4.45 Jacksonville, Florida. Chris is the QB on the Jax-Bolles team that has all that talent. He will play CB or safety in college though. He will probably be at UA next season with at least 2 other of his teammates and possibly 4. He committed to UA on October 24.

3. Joe Yount- DL/TE 6-5 255 4.7 Albertville, Alabama. Joe expects to play DL in college even though he could play TE with his good size and speed. He is the top DL in Alabama and a top 10 overall prospect. His stock has been soaring he will qualify academically. I expect him to be a starter at the latest by the start of his Jr season. Committed to Alabama on December 11.

4. Tony Dixon- ATH 6-2 195 4.4 Reform, Alabama. Tony is a top 5 prospecty in Alabama and a great ATH. He could play WR/FS or RB in college but I expect him to play FS in college. Tony had 115 tackles and 5 INT's last season as a Jr. He is fully qualified. I expect him to have on of the biggest impact of any of the true Fr next year. Committed to Alabama on Decmeber 12.

5. Sam Matthews- DL 6-6 265 4.8 Jacksonville, Florida. Sam Matthews is a teammate of a earlier UA committment Chris Reier except he is a much better player. He is probably the best player in Florida. As a Jr he had 78 tackles and 6 sacks. Alabama lead the whole way for Matthews. I expect him to play as a true Fr and possibly be starting by the end of the season. He committed to Alabama on December 13.

6. Larry Paul- DE 6-2 245 4.65 Moody, Alabama. Larry is a underrated prospect in Alabama. Larry is real strong he can bench 350 and squat 600. He is suppose to have a great burst of speed. Larry had 61 sacks in his career. He also has the ability to play FB and LB but DL in where he will play. Should qualify academically. Has the possibility to play early cause of his strength. Committed to Alabama on December 18.

7. Antoneyo Williams- RB 5-11 110 4.55 Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Antoneyo is a top 5 player in Alabama by everybody and a number 1 player in Alabama by half the people. I have him as the 4th best player in Alabama I have Bama with 3 of the top 5 players in Alabama so far. Antoneyo is at a school where they dominated everybody and only played the first half in most game but he still gained. HE had 1,663 yards and 31 td's this past season. I expect him to red-shirt cause of all the depth in front of him and then come in and be real successful as a RS Fr. Committed to Bama January 12, 1997.

8. Chris Wheeler- LB 6-2 220 4.55 Sylacauga, Alabama. Chris is listed as some as the top LB in Alabama I have hime listed as the 11th best prospect in the state and the 2nd best LB behind Travis Hines and I have Hines listed as the 10th best. With 215 tackles as a Sr alone and over 500 in a career you can just imagine what type of player he is. Could RS but we need alot of help at LB so he will probably play a lot as a Fr. Committed to Alabama January 12.1997.

9. Carlton Person- LB 6-2 235 4.5 Stevenson, ALabama. Carlton is laso listed as the top LB in Alabama by some he is also a top 20 player by everybody and I have him listed as number 20 in Alabama because of qualifying I didn't know if he would. HE plays at North Jackson HS the same school that produced Kenny Smith last year. He only played in 6 games this past year and had like 79 tackles. I expect him to make a immediate impact at LB more so then Chris Wheeler because he might be a little faster and he is alot stronger then Chris but they are both great players.He has been rumored to have been committed to UA for about a week now but it was made official January 12, 1997.

10. Travis Carroll- LB 6-4 235 4.7 Jacksonville, Florida. Travis is the 3rd player of the Jax-Bolles team to committ to Alabama. I have him as a top 5 LB in the nation and a top 10 player in Florida. Right now I have him as my 2nd best committment by his teammate Sam Matthews even though he will probably make a huge impact next year cause of all the LB' we are losing this year. Travis has a 390 pound BP which is unbelievable. Committed to Alabama on January 14, 1997.

11. Shawn Draper- TE/DL 6-5 265 4.85 Huntsville, Alabama.Shawn is atop 20 player in Alabama this year he is very underaretd he is a muttltisort player. Shawn has the ability to play TE or DL in college. He had 93 tackles as a DL and he also played alot of FB but he said on the Forrest Davis show that he wil probably play TE in college. I am not sure what kind of impact he will have next year but I do expect him to contribute especially if he plays TE. Committed to Alabama January 16, 1997.

12. Willie Cuthbert- OL 6-6 325 5.2 Fort Pierce, Florida. Cuthbert is not a blue-chipper but he will probably be a very good OL if he loses a couple of pounds. Some people say he was a top 5 OL in Florida and a top 75 player in Florida. He should contribute to Alabama next season. Committed to Alabama on January 19, 1997.

13. A.J Diaz- Kicker from Miami Springs. He hit 7-9 of FG's and had a 42 avg per punt. Don't be surprised to see this guy be the PK next season and he could be the punter too if he can beat out Daniel Pope. Committed to Alabama on January 19. 1997.

14. Chris Horne- DB 6-1 205 4.53 Sandersville, Georgia. He was a teammate of Teako Spikes and is from a HS that puts out several Div I players every year. He has the ability to play WR or DB but DB is where he will probably play. He intercepted 5 passes last year. HE was a big surprise to me to sign with Alabama. He should play some as a true Fr cause of the need at DB. He committed to Alabama on January 19, 1997.

15. Wayne Thomas- DB/RB 5-11 195 4.45 Dothan, Alabama. HE is listed somewhere between 18th and 24th of the best players in Alabama. HE played RB in HS and had 800 yards in 3 games before he broke his leg. If he wouldn't have broke his leg he would probably have been rated 5 to 8 places closer in the rankings. I am high on him I had him as a sleeper on my wishlist page as someone to sign later on in the period. I expect Thomas to re-shirt to learn the CB postion for the Tide and then step in as a 2nd or 3rd string CB as a red-shirt Fr. Committed to Alabama on January 20, 1997.

16. Carlos Stennis- OL/DL 6-2 285 5.0 Meridian, Mississippi. He is not very highly rated at all but this is my pick for the sleeper who will be a big time player for us I really think it about Stennis. HE is a teammate of Kenny Smith and Kenyatta Walker both of those 2 overshawdow him. We might be able to get K. Smith and K. Walker too but I really do like this kid he could play center or DT he has the same build as Eric Kerley. I expect him to red-shirt then start getting good playing time as a Soph. Committed to Bama January 21, 1997.

17. Jason McAddley- WR 6-2 180 4.4 Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He has been rated a top 15 player in Tennessee. He had 41 rec's for 777 yards and 11 td's as a Sr he had a real quiet Jr year or he would have been much more sought after. I have a feeling he will make a immediate impact the 1st year he plays even though it might be as a redshirt Fr instead of a true Fr. I have been high on him all year. HE is my number 1 rated WR considering Bama and we got him. HE is a teammate of Shaun Bohnanon and Mike Gipson. They will both probably go to UT but we got a shot at Bohnanon. Committed to Alabama on January 21, 1997.

18. Adam Cox- FB/RB 6-2 220 4.58 Jasper, Alabama. Cox has been listed as the top player in Alabama before but most publications have him rated between 3 and 6th I have him rated as the 5th best player in Alabama. HE had 1,250 yards and 17 td's as a Sr he had over 1,700 yards as a Jr though. Cox wants to play RB and that is where he will get his 1st shot but FB is probably where he will end up. He does have the speed to play RB though and may be a good RB but right now I like him as a FB. He might play as a true FR as a FB but asa RB he will need to red-shirt or be at least 4th string and posssibly 5th or 6th. Committed to Alabama on January 20.

19. Shaun Bohnanon- RB 6-2 195 4.4 Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He is a very highly rated player in Tennessee. Some people consider him the top player in Tennessee he is probably the top RB in Tennessee this year and there are about 5 options to pick from. This is a huge pickup for Alabama. HE was suppose to sign with UT but we stole him away from UT along with Jason McAddley who is his HS teammate. Shaun Bohnanon had 1,600 yards as a Sr and over 1,800 yards as a Jr. He is the 3rd RB to committ to Alabama this year. Antoneyo Williams and Adam Cox were the 1st ones to committ. HE should see some playing time next year if he can beat out the 2 RB's to already committ to Alabama this year. Committed to Alabama on January 21, 1997.

20. Michael Barfield- OL 6-5 270 Dothan, Alabama. He is a top 10 player in Alabama and is one of the 2 best OL in Alabama the other one is Fred WEary and I have Fred rated a tad bit higher then Barfield but they are both real good talents. This is a big pickup cause we need OL to committ to us and he i our 2nd one. Some people think Barfield will contribute next year but I say he will contribute as a redshirt Fr or a Soph I don't think he will do to much as a Fr. HE committed to Alabama on January 22, 1997.

21. Marlon Davis- TE/DE 6-7 235 4.7 Eastman, Georgia. He is a very good prospect who has the ability to play TE or DE with his speed he might be a better DE but he is considered a top 5 TE in the South by some people. HE is the 2nd player Alabama has got out of Georgia this year. Marlon is not expected to qualify and I think Alabama maye be getting committments from more then 25 players cause of the fact he probably won't qualify. If he qualifies I expect him to make an immediate impact next season. Committed to Alabama on January 24, 1997.

22. Shawn Williams- DL 6-5 240 4.9 Augusta, Georgia. HE is not very highly rated cause some of his teammates are Armark Tolbert and Deon Grant but don't be fooled I think he will make an impact at Alabama. HE can play Ol or Dl but I expect him to be a Dl in college he is still adding weight though. He is visitng S. Carolina this weekend so I will tell you if anything happens up there. He is the 3rd player to committ to Alabama from Georgia. I don't expect him to do much at Alabama his 1st year he might not start making a big impact until his 3rd year. Committed to Alabama on January 24, 1997.

23. Quincey Jackson- WR 6-1 185 4.5 East Mississippi CC. He was the MVP of the Northren Division in the Mississippi Juco league he finished the year with 40 rec's for 1,116 yards and 11 td's he also returned kicks for a avg of 37 yards a return. Last year Alabama got a Juco player Michael Myers and he ended up being the top player on the Dl last season this year we got Quincey Jackson and I expect him to be a major factor as a WR next season. He has always wanted to play for Alabama and has been a lean to us all season long. Committed to Alabama on January 26, 1997.

24. Andrew Zow- QB/LB 6-1 215 4.6 Lake-Butler, Florida. HE is the QB who won the state title in Florida 3 straight years. He is a teammate of Adrian Weeks and Gerard Warren. He was recruited as a QB for Alabama but he could end up playing SS or LB. I am really glad to get Zow I think he will make a impact at Bama not next season but the season after that he might red-shirt cause he tore his ACL earlier and only played in 3 or 4 games this past season. He had originally committed to AU but changed his committment to UA on February 3, 1997.

25. John Fielding- DB 6-1 185 4.5 Augusta, Georgia. HE is a teammate of Deon Grant and Armark Tolbert both of them are DB's who most people consider better. He is also a teammate of Shawn Williams a earlier Alabama committment. I do not really know what I think about the Fielding committment yet cause I don't know that much about him. He committed to Alabama on February 4, 1997.