Here is my team of players that didn't committ to Alabama this past year.


QB- Romaro Miller- He committed to Ole Miss in the end after he got Bama fans hopes up.
RB- Travis Henry- He committed to Tennessee. Bama backed off cause of grades and the fact they got 3 great backs anyways.
FB- James Johnson- He committed to Miss St after everyone thought he was going to be the Tide's mid-term signee.
WR- Tootie Myers- He committed to S. Miss he probably was headed for Alabama if they didn't back off cause he wanted to play baseball too.
WR- Mike Gipson- HE committed to Florida but I wanted him alot.
TE- Reid Tankersly- Committed to Auburn but was leaning to Alabama at one time.
OL- Terrance Metcalf- Committed to Ole Miss this was a huge loss for Bama he had Bama as the leader for a long time.
OL- Fred Weary- Committed to Tennessee he started looking at Alabama real hard in late January.
OL- Kenyatta Walker- Committed to Florida but it was down to UF and UA at the end.
OL- Decourye Hampton- Didn't qualify I don't think but I thought was a really good player.
OL- Kyle Young- Committed to Clemson he favored them the whole time but Bama came in strong late.


DL- Charron Dorsey- Committed to FSU but Bama was his 2nd choice a long time.
DL- Orlando Dantzler- Committed to I think S. Miss but it might have been Ga Tech I don't remember. e was a very good DL who lost intrest in Bama after the coaching change.
DL- Kenny Smith#1- Committed to Tennessee I don't really miss not seeing him on the recruit list but I wstill would have liked him.
LB- Jamal Reynolds- Committed to FSu after giving Bama strong consideration in the end.
LB- Travis Hines- I don't think he qualified but will probably be a signee for us in 98.
LB- Austin Kemp- Committed to UT he considered everybody but got turned away by Bama in the end.
LB- Christian Rodriquez- Was a top LB in Texas who was looking at Bama hard till Stallings retirement.
DB- Andre Lott- Committed to Tennessee but he was UA/UT the whole time.
DB- Adrian Weeks- Committed to AU but probably won't qualify I still liked him alot though.
DB- Larry Casher- Committed to Au but he was still a very good player who was underrated.
DB- Standford Simmons- Committed to AU. Was probably the 2nd best ATH in Alabama behind Tony Dixon.

Here is how I rate the 1997 signee's.

.1. Shaun Bohnanon- I am so high on him. I think he will play next season and be starting as a So or Jr cause of S. Alexander.

2. Travis Carroll- Will probably make one of the bigest impacts next season.

3. Kenny Smith- Will play the DL and will play next season will probably start sometime as a Fr.

4. Sam Matthews- Will play early and will start early.

5. Tony Dixon- I like him a WHOLE lot and I think he may be the starting FS before the season is over.

6. Kecalf Bailey- Will see plenty of early playing time. Will probably start as a Soph.

7. Quincey Jackson- Will make a big impact will probably be 2nd string next year but may start.

8. A.J Diaz- If you spend a scholarship on a kicker he will probably end up starting.

9. Michael Barfield- Will probably red-shirt but will be a good OL at Alabama. Will start by end of Soph year.

10. Larry Paul- Will see early playing time on the DL cause of his tremdous strength.

11. Adam Cox- WIll see more early playing time at FB but he wants to play RB so he may red-shirt.

12. Andrew Zow- I love this signee, I don't see him playing to much next season probably red-shirting but I predict big things from him.

13. Shawn Draper- Cause of the lack of depth at TE he will step right in and play next season may start as a Soph if he can beat out Clint Waggoner.

14. Carlton Person- With his strength and lack of depth at LB he will probably play alot next season.

15. Chris Reier- Will play on special teams next yaer and will probably be playing alot in the secondary as a Soph.

16. Chris Horne- I haven't decided about him but look for early playing time at SS from him.

17. Jason McAddley- This rating is probably a little low but with his 4.4 speed he may be a kick returner next season but may red-shirt cause of all the depth at WR.

18. Joe Yount- HE committed real early so people forgot about him but with his speed he could play early but will probably red-shirt.

19. Wayne Thomas- I have heard mixed things about him but I am hoping he will turn out OK.

20. Shawn Williams- I am high on him but I like him better at DL then OL. Will probably red-shirt.

21. Chris Wheeler- Is a little small for a LB but is real fast will play early cause of lack of dpeth at LB.

22. Willie Cuthbert- Is a little to big and will need to lose some weight so he will probably red-shirt but will probably have a real good career at Bama.

23. Antoneyo Williams- HE is rated way to low here but I did it cause of grades and all the talent ahead of him at RB.

24. Carlos Stennis- IS a sleeper who probably won't qualify but he may could play OL or DL he won't play early.

25. John Fielding- A DB who was a teammate of Grant and Tolbert so I I don't really know much about him cause he didn't get much publicity.

This class was extremely hard to rate you can change any of the top 10 around in any order you want and you can steal anybody throughout the list and put them in your top 10 this probably the best Alabama recruiting class in 5 or 6 years.