Theo Sanders- LB 6-4 220 from Shades Valey.

Marvin Constant is now commited to Alabama.

Dante Hickey and Darius Gilvert look like they are about to committ to Alabama they have been UA locks all yeart but it looks like they are about to finally committ.

It looks like we are also about to land the best WR propsect in Alabama this year. Sam Collins I expect a committment from him pretty soon.

It looks like AU has Robert Malone wrapped up already. Thats is a shame to me cause I think he is the best defensive player in Alabama this year. Alabama is being mentioned as a lock for Dante Hickey- DB 6-1 180 4.3 speed that is outstanding. The only drawback is he is a Juco player and only has 2 years of eligiabilty.

Shawn Johnosn hurt his knee and will be out for the season. He wants to come to Alabama and before he hurt his knee. I thought that was a very good possability. Now I don't know what is up with him we will just have to wait and see.

It looks like Darius Gilbert and Marvin Constant will committ to us in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Terrance Edwards is starting to look at AU real hard cause they promised him a shot at QB.

Shamar Finney and Dennis Johnson have both eliminated us from the list of schools they are considering.

Shawn Johnson, a Juco LB, wants to come to Bama very bad and he might get his wish. It looks like UA will recruit the Juco ranks pretty heavy thi syear and come out with up to 5 Juco players I say the likely candidates are Johnson, Shivers and Word but Hickey and Alvin McKinley are also both candidiates.

I have been hearing that MArvin Contsant- FB/LB/DE from Tusc-Central may be giving us a committment real soon but that is just a rumor that I have heard.

Just like I reported yesterday that Raulston was probably going to committ to us soon he did it today. HE was our 3rd committment and the thing is all 3 of them are All- Americans.

Alabama is expected to get a committment from the top OL in the state of Alabama Bart Raulston real soon. I expect him to committ to us before September is over.

From what I have heard so far Jermaine Crenshaw, Bart Raulston, Darius Gilbert all top 10 players in the state of Alabama will committ to Alabama within the next month.