Here is how I rate the verbals (Update 2/12)

1. Michael Myers- Instant starter.

2. Kenny Smith- Will be a great one. Huge DE. Could start by next season.

3. Tim Bowens- Will play the most of any true Fr. Tremedous Athlete.

4. Rob-E Staten- Could be the strongest player on the team next season with a 440 BP.

5. Jamie Carter- A great huge DT will dominate on the inside.

6. Corey Kinnebrew- Huge OL tremdously strong.

7. Heath Panks- Will play early he has good speed 5.0 for someone his size 6-4 290.

8. Gorman Thorton- Rated so low cause he won't qualify.

9. Adam Joiner- Had a great season. Will probally play center in college.

10. Dustin McClintcok- One of our sleepers a great blocker and a pretty good runner with 4.6 speed.

11. Jason Jones- Our other sleeper after he qualified he was looked at a little but most of the schools already had all of there slots filled. I think could play early at the safety spot.

12. Griff Redmill- Big OL 6-6 I think we may have recruited him cause of his teammate next year Adam Cox.

13. Brenon Meadows- Will play a good bit on the OL this season.

14. Kelvis White- Has got up to 260 should make a contribution in 2 years.

15. Paul Hogan- He actually gained weight he is now 260 and a fine blocker will play in 2 and a half years.