Prospects that are looking at Alabama.

(Last Update 10/7/97) Will have alot more names to come.


1. Tyler Watts- QB 6-3 205 4.7 Pelham, Alabama. He is considered the top player in Alabama this year by everybody and a top 25 player nationally. HE has already committed to us! This will be the biggest verbal of the year but we still need 1 more QB.

2. Jermaine Crenshaw- QB/ATH 6-2 200 4.68 Greenville, Alabama. He camped out at both UA and AU last year he was on the Tuscaloosa News Sweet Sixteen and is expected to committ to Alabama in October.

3. Luke Tucker- QB 5-11 195 4.7 Fayette, Alabama. He is a little bigger then his brother Lance is who is a 2nd string QB at Alabama right now he is rated a little higher then Crenshaw but the coaches are high on Jermaine so he will probably take the 2nd QB slot but it possible we ould get 3.


1. Marvin Constant- FB/LB/DE 6-2 250 4.5 Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He is the best RB in Alabama but he may end up playing DE or LB in college he is also a top 5 overall player in the state he was a teammate of Antoneyo Williams and Kecalf Bailey from last year and he and Dennis Riddle are close friends but right now he is leaning to UF but I expect us to be able to get him.

2. Artrose Pinner- RB 5-11 195 4.4 Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He might be the best RB in Kentucky this year and even though we are stockpiled at RB we still need 1 solid RB pickup that is a quick little speedster. Alabama and Tennessee are the leaders followed by PSU, Mich and UK.

3. Shontua Ray- RB 5-10 180 4.4 Montevallo, Alabama. He is a quick little jitterbug who has been on the class 4A all state the last 2 years through his HS career he has gotten 3,871 yards and 39 TD's and he is the best true RB in the state. He will probably not qualify but there is a chance and if he does everybody will come calling.

4. Justin Griffth- RB 6-0 220 Magee, Mississippi. Is one of the top players in Mississippi this year and he is the probably the best RB in Miss. Last year he rushed for 2,261 yds and 36 TD's last year and was 2nd team all-state. He is a North/South runner who will run you over if you get in his way. Might be offered even though we will very deep at RB in the future with S. Alexander, Williams, Bohnanon and Cox.

5. Jonathan Adams- RB 6-1 200 4.4 Osceola, Arkansas. He is easily one of the best RB's in the South and he would be a great pickup for us he would be the back that I WOULD PICK if I could pick just 1 considering the TIde but we are a long shot. With UT, Mich and Ark all ahead of us.

6. Andree Ackee- RB 5-9 195 4.4 Arkansas. a. He is a extremely quick player who is a top 16 player in Alabama but by season's end I expect him to be a top 5 or 6 player he has tremdous upside and is very quick he may end up at DE though. Bama looks like the early leader but AU and Mich are still in the hunt for this kid.


1. Sam Collins- WR 6-2 190 4.5 Fayette, Alabama. I have heard mixed reports on him but I like him he was on 1st team All-State as a Jr I have heard he was just a possesion receiver from some people but I think he has a little more speed then most people think. Should committ to the Tide if we offer.

2. C.J Simmons- WR 6-4 215 4.5 Loretto, Tennessee. A very underrated WR who we should hear alot about at the end of the season. HE has Bama as his top choice behind MSU and Ut.

3. Terrance Edwards- WR/DB 6-1 180 4.4 Sandersville, Georgia. This man is awesome with his quickness and athletic ability. He has the ability to come in and play either WR or DB and maybe start by the end of his FR year he is just a tremdous ATH who is a top 1 player in Georgia. The thing is Jessie Miller and Derek Sanders are his teammates so he has to share the spotlight.


1. Leron Little 6-5 220 4.7 Aliceville, Alabamrida. Brett is a top 5 OL in the nation. He grew up a FSU fan but he doesn't think that will affect his decision he is looking at a bunch of schools but FSU, UA and UF are the leaders and as a Bama fan I hope we are the winner for him.


1. Bart Raulston- OL 6-9 320 Sylvania, Alabama. He is EASILY the top OL in Alabama he is huge and would be a great pickup for Alabama he is actually a BIG Alabama lean but he says UT has shown more intrest in him so I hope that doesn't sway him up North.

2. Brett Williams- OL 6-6 325 5.0 Kissime, FloAnother RB from Arkansas looking at Alabama he gained 1,400 yards last season and he is a quick little speedster. He likes UA, Ark, LSU and UT.

3. Gary Byrd- OT 6-5 320 Stone Moutain, Georgia. He is also a top 5 OL in the nation that means right now Bama has 2 of the top 5 OL in the nation looking at them. Gary doesn't have a favorite right now but he is looking at UA, Clemson, FSU, NC State and Virgina as his top 5 right now.

4. Tyrone Green- OL 6-4 280 Verona, Mississippi. He is a solid OL he isn't as good as the guys above him but he has good size and we should be able to mold him into a good player if he committs to us even though it doesn't look likely he is looking at MSU, Ole Miss, LSU, UF and Bama.

5. David Turner- OL/DL 6-3 255 Memphis, Tennessee. He is much smaller then the other guys but he is also alot quicker and may end up playing defense instead but right now it looks like a UT and UA race.

6. Keith Stephens- OL 6-2 300 Columbus, Georgia. He was all state last year as a Jr and he has Bama rated in his top 5 but I don't have any other info right now.

7. Frank Rouse- OL 6-4 280 Folkston, Georgia. He is a teammate of 2 players who have Alabama on there top 5 Boss Bailey and Terin Smith so even though I don't have much info on him I will list him here for awhile.

8. Marico Portis- OL 6-4 285 Vigor, Alabama. A prospect that I haven't heard much about until recently. ACtually I have heard alot about him recently and I think he may be becoming one of the best players in ALabama. HE is a UA or AU lean.

9. George Foster- OL 6-6 295 5.0 Macon, Georgia. I like him alot ,but it will take some work for him. George is more of a project then some of the other OL out there but I think in the long run he could be a very good player. UA is at the top of his list.

10. Steve Handras- OL 6-5 301 5.2 Boca Raton, Florida. HE is a bigtime OL who is starting to attract alot of attention. His top 2 or BAma and Ohio State but I think we will end up signing him.

11. Jason Townsend- OL 6-4 285 5.0 Boca Raton, Florida. His teammate is right above him. I think we will get them both. HE is emerging though as a great OL and that is good news cause we sure neeeed some good OL.


1. Kindal Moorehead- DL 6-4 275 4.7 Memphis, Tennessee. He is considered a top 5 DL in the nation and is a top 1 or 2 player in Tennessee this year. Last season he had 150 tackles and 17 sacks. He committed to us real early and I usually don't like that but I think his committment is solid.

2. Derek Sanders- DL 6-5 255 4.8 Sandersville, Georgia. Derek is a top DL in the SOuth this year and would be a HUGE pickup for us he went to the same school as Takeo Spikes and Chris Horne a signee for us last year. It also looks like Alabama is VERY high on his list and right now he is my top target for us to get for the DL. HE has a 3.7 GPA so he will qualify easily.

3. Conner Stephens- TE/DE 6-4 235 4.7 Ackerman, Mississippi. HE is on the Clarion Ledger Dandy Dozen list. He had 6 Td's in 96 at TE and also had 138 tackles and 15 sacks as a DE. He is looking at MSU, UT, UA, ND and FSU but from what I have heard us at UT are the leaders.

4. Will Overstreet- DL 6-4 250 4.6 Jackson, Mississippi. Last year he had 84 tackles and 7 sacks he is very quick for someone his size and he would be a good pickup for us. I expect this to be a Bama, Ole Miss battle but UNC, Standford and Virginia are all possibilities.

5. Dennis Johnson- DL 6-6 255 4.7 Harrodsburg, Kentucky. He has a huge list of 10 schools he is considering and Bama is one of them. He would be a great pickup if we could get him but I seriously doubt it will happen but I will list him until he takes us off his list or committs somewhere else.

6. Terin Smith- DL 6-4 230 4.65 Folkston, Georgia. He is a standout on the DL who is very quick right now he has UT and Bama in his top 2.

7. Terry Jones Jr- DL 6-4 255 4.7 Tuscaloosa, ALabama. The man would of been a big time college propsect but he isn't playing football this year. I have heard that we will offer him and he would committ to us. That is just what I have heard though but don't be surprised to see him in Crimson next year.

8. Johnovan Morgan- DL/TE 6-4 266 4.7 Miami, Florida. He is a pretty good player who is overlooked. He is Derrick Thomas' brother and I expect we will land him as one of our 25.

9. Rashad Moore- DT 6-5 280 4.8 Huntsville, Alabama. He is a true DT which is probably his best quality but he is also quick. HE had 86 tackles and 10 sacks last year. A lot of people considered him the best player on his team which featured Ed Butler, Kenyon Hambrick and Wayne Madkin. UA looks like they are in good shape but his options are open right now.

10. Ronald Moore- DL 6-3 280 4.8 Hinds JC.

1. Darius Gilbert- LB 6-2 210 4.6 Oxford, Alabama. He is a top 5 player in the state by the Tuscaloosa News and it is real close for who is the best LB propsect in Alabama this year between him and Malone, HArdwick and Page but Gilbert has alot of speed and quickness. He camped at UA this past year and we are the leader by alot from what I have heard but UF, UT and Michigan are his other choices.

2. Robert Malone- LB 6-4 255 4.65 Mobile, Alabama. If Gibert is not the best it could be Malone he is bigger and stronger then the other LB's but the others are quicker he is a top 6 overall propsect in Alabama by most people I have seen him as high as 2 and as low as 6. Auburn leads us for him though but I hope we can snag him for them.

3. Rodney "Boss" Bailey- LB 6-3 210 4.4 Folkston, Georgia. He had major surgery at the beginning of the year that I didn't know about at first. I still think he is a good prospect but not as good as I at first thought. HE does have 2 brothers that goes to Georgia though and that only helps UGA out. He does mention Alabama highly though.

4. Dedrick Hardwick- LB 6-1 215 4.6 North JAckson, Alabama. He went to the same school as Carlton Person from last year and Kenny Smith from the year before he also plays FB but he is a top 4 LB in Alabama with Gilbert, Page and Malone he could be better but I like Malone and Gilbert a tad more but he has the ability to play FB so he is a little more versatile. I would love to get him though but it will be tough to pry him away from UT.

5. Don Page- LB/FB 6-3 230 4.5 Foley, Alabama. HE is a very quick LB who is underrated right now and could emerge as the best of the 4 in state LB's that I have listed above. Auburn in the leader right now but he would committ to FSU if they offered but UA is very much still in the picture.

6. Jessie Miller- LB 6-3 215 Sandersville, Georgia. Probably the best player on a loaded team with Derek Sanders and Terrance Edwards. AS a Jr he had 108 tackles and 7 sacks. Right now it looks like Georgia and UT are the early leaders but Bama is a close 3rd then there is Clemson, S. Carolina and Georgia Tech.

7. Tony Gilbert- LB 6-0 225 4.65 Macon, Georgia. He is very quick and hits pretty hard from all I have heard about him. HE has camped at Georgia and UF but Alabama is being looked at in his top 5.

8. Shawn Johnson- LB 6-1 225 4.6 Juco. He is a dominating LB who would look very good in Crimson next year. He wants to come to Alabama he makes it obvious if we offer he will be at Bama next year. He will play OLB in college but he is a inside LB right now so there would be alittle adjustment for him to make.

1. Mel Willis- DB 6-3 200 4.55 Luverene, Alabama. I really like this kid he is the best DB in Alabama this year and it a top 10 overall player in the state he is not a small speed burner like the last 2 years top DB's in the state(Bailey, and Crayton) he is a hitter who could probably play LB the only thing I don't like about him is he is favoring AU over us but I sure hope that changes.

2. Reggie Myles- DB 5-11 180 4.4 Pascaogola, Mississippi. He is probably the top DB in Mississippi and he was one the Clarion Ledger Dandy Dozen list. LAst year he had 70 tackles and 3 INT's. LSU might be the leader but UA, FSU and USM are all up there.

3. Terrance Edwards- WR/DB 6-1 180 4.4 Sandersville, Georgia. This man is awesome with his quickness and athletic ability. He has the ability to come in and play either WR or DB and maybe start by the end of his FR year he is just a tremdous ATH who is a top 1 player in Georgia. The thing is Jessie Miller and Derek Sanders are his teammates so he has to share the spotlight.

4. Chris Gibson- DB 6-3 190 4.5 Dothan, Alabama. I can't figure out why he doesn't get much publicity but he will. Last season as a Jr he had 55 tackles and 9 INT's. HE camped at UF last year and was named the top DB there. He is leaning to UF over us but you all will see he might turn out to be a good one.

5. David Jenkins- LB/DB 6-0 200 4.45 Lake Butler, Florida. As a Jr David had 110 tackles and 5 INT's. He went to the same school as Andrew Zow from last year and David is a big time propsect. He 5 favorites are UT, UF, UA, AU and S. Carolina.

6. Eric Locke- WR/DB 5-9 175 4.4 Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is the best player in Tennessee this year and he is a AWESOME athlete I guarntee every Alabama fan would love this kid if they seen him play. He plays QB for his HS team but will play WR or DB in college I am listing him as a WR right now. UA is leading but UT is right there.

7. Freddie Milons- WR 5-10 177 4.4 Starkville, Mississippi. HE is a VERY good ATH and he plays QB in HS but will probably play WR or maybe even DB in college he is favoring Alabama right now and that is great news cause he would probably be able to play as a true FR at returning kicks and maybe a little WR with this new offense. HE is favoring Alabama right now but LSU, UF and UT are still alive with a good shot at him.

8. Robert Gilliespie- DB 5-11 190 4.5 Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I heard the coaches are very high on him but I haven't heard him mentioned that much with the Tide. IS a top 11 player in Mississippi.

9. Dante Hickey- DB 6-1 180 4.3. He is in Junior College right now. I have heard he is a true difference maker. He plays CB what could be better then a 4.3 CB that can flat out hit. He is a Bama lean but UT is involved also.