My Sleeper of the year.


Wishlist for 98.

(Last update 10/19/97)

1. Kindall Morehead- DL 6-4 275 4.7 Memphis, Tennessee. Committed to Alabama on August 31, 97. He is considered the best player ever to come out of Memphis by some. As a Jr he had 150 tackles and 17 sacks he is considered one of the 5 best DL in the nation and he may even be better then last year's Sam Matthews. He could possibly be a starter sometime as a Fr if he stays true to his Bama committment.

2. Tyler Watts- QB 6-3 205 4.7 Pelham, Alabama. Committed to Alabama on September 4, 97. He is probably the top player in Alabama by every publication and he is a top 25 player nationally. I have been hearing about him for years now and now it is time. I hope everybody doesn't make him the Savior for us already but I think he does have a realistic shot at becoming the starter by the end of next season! Last season he had 1,800 passing yards with 13 td's and 552 rushing yds and 12 td's.

3. Bart Raulson- OT 6-9 316 5.0 Sylvania, Alabama. Committed to Alabama on September 24, 1997. This is a big committment for us cause the way the OL looked in the 2nd and 3rd games it looks like it could use a little help. Raulston has been rumored to be going to Alabama for awhile now and he finally went public with it and committed to us. He only plays for a 3A school so I think he might neeeed some work before he will be ready to start but sometime in his Soph year is a realistic goal.

4. Marvin Constant- FB/LB/DE 6-2 250 4.6 Tuscaloosa, Alabama. HE is the 2nd best player in Alabama in my opinion but he does have a ankle injury which has slowed him down so far this season but I expect that to be fine. HE is a bruising type runner who will just run you over. HE went to the same HS as Antoneyo Williams and Kecalf BAiley from last season and he a Dennis Riddle are good friends so that can't hurt us any. The only question I have about him is what position he will play. Will committ to somebody soon and we are the team to beat.

5. Eric Locke- ATH 5-9 175 4.4 Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is the best ATH in Tennessee this year and a top 2 overall player. HE was Mr Football in Tennessee last year as a Jr. I am hoping we can land him so we can play him at WR some and use him mostly as a DB who returns kicks he is a David Palmer type player. Bama has a slight lead over UT, UF, FSU and Mich.

6. Darius Gilbert- LB 6-2 215 4.55 Oxford, Alabama. DArius is the top LB in Alabama this year and a top 10 overall recruit. He is very quick and can lay a hit on you. This would be a very big pickup for us especially in a year when we need LB's so bad. HE is leaning to Bama very strongly and may committ within a month or so.

7. Terin Smith- LB 6-4 230 4.7 Folkston, Georgia. HE is a top 100 national recruit and one of the top players in Georgia. HE isn't as fast as Gilbert but he is probably closer to stepping in and playing then Gilbert. UA and UT are his top 2 so that is good news for us.

8. Brett Williams- OL 6-6 325 Kissime, Florida. The top OL in Florida and a top 5 OL in the nation. HE is VERY good and we need OL help this year and he would be a HUGE pickup. He likes FSU the most right now but I think we are in 2nd then it is UF but I promise you Bama fans really want this kid.

9. Derek Sanders- DL 6-5 255 4.7 Sandersville, Georgia. HE is on a team with Jessie Miller and Terrance Edwards so it is hard to get a lot of attention but he is doing it. Sanders is more of a raw talent then his teammates so it will take him a little extra time to develop but I think he could be something special. He has been to a couple of Georgia games this year but I think we are in good shape.

10. Jessie Miller- LB 6-3 215 4.55 Sandersville, Georgia. Miller is another of the WACO boys and boy is he coming on strong he is looking like he will be a great one one day. HE is my favorite of the Waco boys and I sure hope we can land him and he does speak very highly of us but again UGA is in good shape.

11. Terrance Edwards- ATH 6-1 185 4.4 Sandersville, Georgia. He is the play maker on th WACO team and he is one of the best ATH's in the South his brother Robert Edwards went to GEorgia so that only helps them out but I am hoping we can land this dynamic trio I say it will either be us or UGA the way things are looking.

12. Robert Malone- DL 6-4 255 4.7 Mobile, Alabama. He is easily the best DL in Alabama this year and probably the top Defensive player he is a devastating hitter but there is only 1 problem he is leaning to Auburn but I am prayin we can get him away from the Aubies.

13. Conner Stephens- TE/DE 6-4 235 4.7 Ackerman, Mississippi. He is a top 11 player in Mississippi, last season he had 139 tackles and 9 sacks and 6 TD receptions from his TE position. HE has the ability to play TE and DL which is a very good thing but I like him as a TE. I think he might be leaning to us but I don't know for sure.

15. Shontua Ray- RB 5-10 180 4.4 Montevallo, Alabama. He is a quick little jitterbug who has been on the class 4A all state the last 2 years through his HS career he has gotten 3,871 yards and 39 TD's and he is the best true RB in the state. He will probably not qualify but there is a chance and if he does everybody will come calling. This year he already has 13 Td's and 654 yards in 3 games.

16. Freddie Milons- ATH 5-10 177 4.4 Starville, Mississippi. ANother one of the 3 great ATH's we are recruiting. HE is one of the top 11 best players in Mississippi and he is leaning to Alabama over LSU and MSU so that makes him a smart man.

17. Leron Little- TE 6-6 225 4.7 Aliceville, Alabama. HE is a top 15 player in Alabama and I expect him to be a top 15 player by season's end he is also a good basketball player and he kind of wants to play both sports. Bama is definetly the leader but Mich is also a strong possiblity.

18. George Foster- OL 6-6 295 5.0 Macon, Georgia. I like him alot ,but it will take some work for him. George is more of a project then some of the other OL out there but I think in the long run he could be a very good player. UA is at the top of his list.

19. Sam Collins- WR 6-2 185 4.55 Fayette, Alabama. He is the only true WR that I know we are recruiting everyone else is also a DB. HE is awesome possesion reciever who I expect by season's end everybody will be looking at him. UF has shown more intrest but he would committ to Bama if offered.

20. Johnovan Morgan- DL 6-4 266 4.7 Miami, Florida. This could be the 1st playere out of Miami we might land in a while. His brother is Derrick Thomas so that could only help us out. Will probably be mor eof a prospect by season's end.

21. Marcio Portis- OL 6-4 285 Vigor, Alabama. A prospect that I haven't heard much about until recently. ACtually I have heard alot about him recently and I think he may be becoming one of the best players in ALabama. HE is a UA or AU lean.

22. Wes Shivers- OL 6-7 300 5.3. Another Juco looking at Alabama hard goes to Hinds JC. I hear if we offer which I expect we will we will get him. I have heard that we might sign up to 5 Juco's cause of out lack of depth and Wes would be a good addition to our OL.

23. Rashad Moore- DT 6-5 280 4.8 Huntsville, Alabama. He is a true DT which is probably his best quality but he is also quick. HE had 86 tackles and 10 sacks last year. A lot of people considered him the best player on his team which featured Ed Butler, Kenyon Hambrick and Wayne Madkin. UA looks like they are in good shape but his options are open right now.

24. Reggie Myles- DB 5-10 95 4.5 Mississippi. HE is a top 50 player nationally and one of the best DB's in America. He is the best player in Miss. in my opinion. We are in his 3rd choice right now but I think we have a realistic chance at him.

25. Dante Hickey- DB 6-1 180 4.3. He is in Junior College right now. I have heard he is a true difference maker. He plays CB what could be better then a 4.3 CB that can flat out hit. He is a Bama lean but UT is involved also.

My Sleeper.
26. Chris Gibson- DB 6-3 190 4.5 Dothan, Alabama. I can't figure ouyt why he doesn't get much publicity but he will last season as a Jr he had 55 tackles and 9 INT's. HE camped at UF last year and was named the top DB there and he is leaning to UF over us but you all will see he might turn out to be a good one.