Beyond the cracks widen of
suffrage swollen limbs,
beneath earthen pulpits
strewn with desiccation,
mired with disease and
molting its nameless blessed.

Let us rejoice in fervor !
too the catechisms of her psalm and
pray... pray... pray.
in word and trembling,
strung out
where the errant phenom feeds
the mutant gene and
the vagrant spark; no sooner life
fills its' maw.

"Let us rejoice", its said,
say... say... say,
I can almost hear you moving
sated in the aftertaste,
glowing like a cinder,
clenched in the furtive spasms of
a users final dream,
lips to the press as you partake
her earthy vessel.

Let us give faith its offering.
This carnival supreme !
cholera, cancer, bedlam,

Let us give learning,
the nano the nanite the Hittite
descending like reeds on
a suspended corpse.
Let us give honor,
festoon and shout at a cross lord
whose great "die sonne" hurting
through empty sockets and
draped about loins; kneel and

Let us love and strengthen ourselves...
to the greatest sacrifice,
leg dangling - belly full - mortal.

David Hunter Sutherland

Magic Stream Journal

Copyright © 1996 David Hunter Sutherland