Regina Garson
Tech Clips and Credits:

Technology Writing and Reporting

  • "Online Shopping for Newbies"
    -- For my own website THE Store at Magic Stream

  • "Ada Byron and Mary Shelley: Cyber Femmes of the Romantic Age" -- March 2005
    -- Paper Presented at MTSU Women's Studies Conference

  • "The Pirates of Silicon Valley Want You"
    -- Where the Jobs are in Software
    -- Profile of Sun Microsystems, Dell and IBM.
    -- Hispanic Career World -- Fall '04

  • Telecommunications and Diversity -- Winter '04
    -- Woman Engineer

  • Defense Industry Jobs -- Winter '04
    -- Minority Engineer

  • Titan to Exit International Telecommunications Operations
    -- Financial reporting/tech industry.
    -- Conference call coverage for securities analysts.

  • "Web Promotion for Newbies"
    -- Page
    -- Internet Wizards,
    -- HTML Source,
    -- The CyberCourier Ezine, etc...

    WWW and the Internet

  • Website development, design and publishing,
    HTML, FTP, JAVA Script, graphic manipulation and interface.
    Desktop publishing: Frontpage, Notetab and hand coding.

    Tech Education and Support

  • Ms. Garson's Class Page
    Introductory computer science class links and references.

  • Computer lab.
    Setup, supervision and troubleshooting.
    Computer science and elementary level programming.
    Educational programs and applications instruction.

  • Tech support for home satellite TV subscribers.

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