Nothing Out of Place

Deep beneath the blankets,
On a cold dark night
Silky skin, rosy cheeks,
Eyes that hold no fright.
Wispy puffs of warm moist air;
Perfect little face.
Portrait of an angel's sleep;
Nothing out of place.

Listening in the grayness,
Near the nite-lite on the wall;
Waiting for the footsteps,
Creeping down the hall.
Breathing slows, movement stills;
Someone blocks the light.
Muscles tense, heart beats fast,
Terror in the night.

Pink and sweet, lace and bows,
Perfect buggy ride.
Drinking in the springtime air.
gentle breezes glide.
Rolling down the sidewalk,
Smiles on every face.
Appearances important;
Nothing out of place.

Hold my breath. Watch each step.
Never let them squeak.
One small creak. Freeze in place.
Wait for him to speak.
Three more steps. Almost there.
Almost in the clear.
Take a breath, hear his voice.
"Sweetheart, come in here."

Check the mirror, comb the hair;
See the pretty smile?
Pictures taken with great care.
Smiling all the while.
Wave goodbye. Take his arm.
Walk the path with grace.
Show him off to all my friends.
Nothing out of place.

Count the days. Check again.
Must be some mistake.
Call the doc. Take the test.
Decisions yet to make.
Find a friend. Make a plan.
No one else must know.
Feel the pain. See the blood.
Watch the baby go.

Get straight A's. Make some friends.
Laugh and smile at school.
Wear the clothes that mother made.
Wishing to be cool.
Win awards. Make them proud.
No time for disgrace.
Hear your name. Cross the stage.
Nothing out of place.

Screeching, piercing voices,
Snatch the sleep away.
Shattered shards of memories,
Covered up by day,
Rocket through the nighttime,
Soon to find their mark.
Ripping through the cloak of peace,
Vicious like a shark.

Take his arm, kiss his cheek.
Hear the music start.
Say the words. Light the flame.
Promise from your heart.
Eyes aglow. Rings exchanged.
Lift the veil of lace.
Kiss the groom. Take his arm.
Nothing out of place.

Hear the voice. Smell the man.
He taught you all you know.
See the face. Feel the hands,
That touched you long ago.
Push the memories way down deep.
Feel only here and now.
Shun the storm inside your head,
Your new life won't allow.

Bathe the children. Make their beds.
Get them off to school.
Revel in their innocence.
Each a precious jewel.
Teach them lessons full of love,
Honesty and grace.
Wash the clothes. Pay the bills.
Nothing out of place.

Hear the sirens howling.
Deep inside your soul.
Feel your insides shatter,
Like the innocence he stole.
Dream the dreams. Scream the screams.
Search for every piece.
Pull the pain from down below.
Feel the sweet release.

See the woman in the mirror.
Search her tearful eyes.
The burning pain. The chance to heal
Peek out from her disguise.
The moment's gone. The wall returns.
Now begins the chase.
The public face retains the lead.
Nothing out of place.

The private hell. The untold tales,
Begin to lose their hold.
Bit by bit. Hurt by hurt,
The story can unfold.
Behind the tears. Beneath the pain,
A light begins to shine.
Slowly peace slips into place.
A glimpse of hope is mine.

The scars run deep, but fade with time.
Life begins anew.
A shattered soul, through bright blue eyes,
Surveys the awesome view.
A simple joy. Uncommon peace.
Paint a brand new face.
Secrets kept, have lost their power.
Nothing out of place!

Terre Seuss
Copyright by Terre Seuss
Reprinted with Permission

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