Regina Garson's
Web Portfolio:

Online Editing, Publishing, Web Page Design And Content Development:

  • Magic Stream, Editor, Publisher and Site Designer
    This was my first online publication and still going strong. I started it from scratch way back in the day of "home pages." The site has received numerous awards from around the globe, and was a participant in the 1996 Internet World Expo.

  • Women's Village, Editor
    As startup editor, I helped to develop and focus the editorial slant. I was responsible for pulling together a writing team, assigning articles, copy editing, HTML code, posting articles, pulling news, developing feature spreads, etc.
  • Asian American Village, Contributing Editor
    I was start up editor on this one as well. Among other things, I got the whole company involved in the President's Initiative on Race.
  • Gina's Sweeps and Contest Page, Editor and Publisher
    This was one of my early web adventures. It is here for the record, but is no longer an active site. The web was still so new, I wanted to play around with online promotions. Initially online sweeps were quite successful, but the advent of spam put a damper on that.

    Research And Feature Spreads:

  • Magic Stream On Self-esteem
    -- An example resource from Magic Stream

  • Reaching Out
    -- A Magic Stream spin-off.

  • Women's History Month 2001
    -- Women's Village

  • Women's Village Reference
    -- Women's Village

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