Gregory D. Johnson

Yep, that's my name.  But me Greg or GJ.

I have been married to Vicki (shown in this picture) for 17 years.  Along with the marriage, I inherited 2 fine boys, James and Bart (or, as we like to say, Bartles & James).

Vicki and I have been living in Huntsville, Alabama since March 1996.  Previous to that, we were in Manassas, Virginia (you know, that place where John & Lorena Bobbitt gained their noteriety -- I still sleep on my stomach because of them!).  James is currently a Seabee in the Navy, currently stationed in Mississippi, while Bart is still making his living in Virginia.  Vicki, James & Bart are originally from the Tucson, Arizona area; I, however, have moved around all my life (due first to being a military brat, and then from being in the military myself), but call Huntsville my hometown since that's where my folks retired.

On May 1st, 1999, I started working with a company called OAO (Orbiting Astronomical Observatory) in their Systems Administration group, providing computer support to the NASA complex on Marshall Space Flight Center.  So far, my main duties are to help administer the Microsoft Exchange E-mail system, but I hope to branch out to other areas as well.  Previous to this job, I wad spent 4 and a half years working with another fine company, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, helping manage their world-wide email system.  If you want to know more about my work history before BAH, take a gander at my resume (which I'll put online soon...of course, I've been saying that for years now).

That's enough for a quick introduction. I invite you now to head back to the main page and hopefully find something a little more interesting...

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Updated 6/17/99