I always wanted to fly....

Well, the U.S. Air Force gave me that chance. I spent 15 years in the Air Force, and I must admit that for the most part, it was a thrilling adventure.

For the first 11 years of my career, I flew as a Weapon Systems Officer (WSO; also known as the Navigator, Guy-In-Back (GIB), and Rear-Seatter) in the RF-4C Phantom II. The RF-4C is the reconnaissance version of the F-4, both of which were used extensively in the Vietnam war. And I gotta tell you, it was probably the most fun and exhilerating job I'll ever have. Hell, they even paid me extra money to fly (because it was considered a hazardous career), but I'd have paid THEM if they wanted. The range of feelings you get when you are skimming 100 feet off the ground going over 600 miles per hour, or flying at 30,000 feet in the dead of night looking at the galaxy above you, are almost indescribable. Then, of course, there's also a down side associated with flying; you lose friends. For example, back in the early 80's, I lost 4 friends in a two-day span due to crashes while we were participating in Red Flag war games over the Nevada desert. Times like those were hard to take, but we all accepted the risks when we took the job, so we had to deal with the consequences when bad things happened. Luckily, things like that weren't an everyday occurence

As I continue to develop this page, I'll share some of my most memorable moments of my flying career (...and of course, here I am, thinking that anyone may really be interested in hearing my stories!). Don't look for any tell-tale type stories though, because this is a family-oriented page. We'll have to get together over a beer before I spill my guts on THOSE kind of stories!  I've also added a story submitted to me by Thomas Utts, about his memorable ride in a Thud back in 1966, so check it out!

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For your viewing pleasure, here's a few more pictures.  Please try not to laugh out loud when you see my "hero" portrait....

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Updated 6/25/02