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Updated November 15th, 2000

The following is a list of songs/albums that I'm waiting to show up on Compact Disc. If you happen to run across any of the titles below, please send me an email, letting me know about it. I'd be eternally grateful, and I'd die a happy man. Now, for the list:


An "Anthology" CD was released. It's good! I guess it will tide me over until the individual albums appear on CD.  They're available now!  Check your favorite online music dealer if you're interested in getting them yourself.

Hoyt Axton

A Rusty Old Halo" has been released!  I was browsing through right after Christmas, and it just jumped out at me.  It's on the Edsel Records label, ID # EDCD 574, and it's a "two-fer", meaning that along with "A Rusty Old Halo", the CD contains the complete "Where Did The Money Go" CD.  Color me happy!


Still no sign of this being released.  There's a chance I may get the album on a homemade CDR soon, which of course I'll gladly replace with a commercial release if it ever becomes available.

Harry Chapin

A while back, I got an email saying this was available as an import, for like $40.00.  However, I haven't been able to find it, so if it was available, it ain't now...  I have discovered that some diehard Harry Chapin fans have taken the time to make their own CDs from their vinyl copies of the album, so it is *somewhat* available.  I'd still like to see a commercial release, though, and I'll keep checkin' for it....

Paul Davis

The "Greatest Hits" CDs helped a bit, but I still want these individual albums because of the great music contained on them.

Five Man Electrical Band

There's an Canadian import CD called "Absolutely Right" that is a great compilation of the band's music, and includes a lot of songs from the albums below. However, I'd still like the individual albums as well.

Dean Friedman

Got an email from Dean Friedman himself about this album.  He has his own web page set up, and the album can be ordered directly from him. It's a "2-fer" CD that also contains "Well Well Said The Rocking Chair".  So, be sure to check out Dean Friedman's website to get your copy!   There's also a release called "The Very Best Of Dean Friedman" available on the Music Club label.  Highly recommended!

Goose Creek Symphony

Yay!!!  All three of these titles have finally been released on CD!  Great sounding music!  If any of y'all are looking for them, check out the Goose Creek website.   Yeehaw!

Guess Who

More music off this album has appeared on a recently released 3 CD anthology set, "The Ultimate Collection".  I picked it up, and it's great (at least for me)!  It has 4 of the best songs off the album I'm looking for, so I'm content for a while.

Loggins & Messina

These albums still haven't been released, but I've seen one of them, "So Fine", posted to one of the binary MP3 newsgroups.  Seems some enterprising individual made MP3 from his vinyl copy of the album, and decided to share them with others.

Mungo Jerry

I've received a few emails saying there's a compilation out now that pretty much covers the songs on these 2 albums.  Guess I need to research that a bit more.  Also, one of the emails said there never was a "Memoirs Of A Stockbroker" LP, but he's mistaken because I had a copy...

Harry Nilsson

Got an email a while back about "Son Of Dracula", saying it was available as an import. The guy mentioned he had ordered it, but I haven't seen it available anywhere

Pat Paulsen

I've heard from one person who said he might make his own CD copy of this album.  Sure wish the record company would do the same!

Brian Protheroe

This album is definitely available now as an import (from Basta). Still need to order it...I'm just holding off trying to decide if I want to buy the whole 4CD collection by him, and if I can justify the steep price.  I found the song "Pinball" on a compilation album called "A Time To Remember - 1974"!!!  Of course, I now own that CD...  Just found it by surfing some of my favorite music sites one night.  The only place I've actually seen it is at the "In Your Ear" site, but that was a while back.

Sha Na Na

I don't know why this is so hard to find....I guess the album it was on didn't do so well.  I can't remember the album name right now, but it also contained a catchy little tune called something like "Are You On The Top Forty (of your Lordy Lordy Lordy)"... 

Jim Stafford

Still no luck finding this.  I have been able to get Jim's first album on CD, and there's a few compilations out there, but this title must be on the record company's back burner.

Toby Beau

There's a CD available called "My Angel Baby-Very Best Of Toby Beau", on the Collectables Records label.  I've picked it up, and it's great!  I'd still like the original "Toby Beau" album though...

Uncle Walt's Band

There are 2 CDs available (which I have) that contain a good portion of the albums listed below. However, they only contain the band's original songs, and not any of the cover songs they did (which were great, by the way). So...I'm still searching for the whole albums on CD.

Edgar Winter

This album is available on CD, but only in DTS format (so you need a special player for it).  C'mon folks...release it in standard format so the rest of us can listen to it too!

Thanks in advance for your help. Again, if you know where I can find any of the above, please send me a note at

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