Alphabetical Listing of Volunteers - A

Hale's 31st Alabama / 49th Alabama

Adams, Benjamin S.Co. G2nd Sgt. (31st)
Adcock, David M.Co. FPvt.
Albert, WilliamCo. APvt.
Aldridge, JosephCo. KPvt.
Allen, JacksonCo. DNo rank given
Allen, J.B.Co. ENo rank given
Aldridge, Jos.Co. KPvt.
Allen, Charles WilsonCo. CSgt.
Allen, Little BerryCo. E1st Lt. (31st)
Allen, William H.Co. E2nd Sgt.
Allinson, V.B.Co. HPvt.
Allinson, John G.Co. HPvt. (Teamster, 31st)
Allison, John W.Co. HPvt.
Allison, L.B.Co. HPvt.
Allison, RobertCo. DPvt.
Ames, D.H.Co. GPvt.
Amos, Dillard H.Co. GPvt.
Amos, G.F.Co. GPvt.
Amos, John P.Co. GPvt. (31st)
Anderson, James AndrewCo. CPvt.
Andrews, R.S.Co. APvt.
Armstrong, A.B.Co. INo rank listed
Armstrong, Henry S.Co. IPvt.
Armstrong, J.M.Co. INo rank listed (died Shiloh, TN)
Armstrong, J.W.Co. IPvt.
Armstrong, L. WilliamCo. IPvt.
Armstrong, Thomas. B.Co. IPvt.
Armstrong, W. BartlettCo. IPvt.
Asbell, Thomas M.Co. GPvt.
Ashburn, WilliamCo. DPvt (31st)
Atchely, John W.Co. D (rejected---under age 18)
Atkins, J.C.Co. GNo rank listed
Austin, David CameronCo. CPvt.
Austin, James ScruggsCo. CPvt.
Austin, PhillipCo. APvt.
Austin, Steven BlevinsCo. CPvt.
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