Alphabetical Listing of Volunteers - F

Hale's 31st Alabama / 49th Alabama

Fain, Samuel M.Co. GPvt.
Fain, Walter ScottCo. GPvt.
Falkner, A.H.Co. DPvt.
Faulkenberry, Lewis W.Co. KPvt.
Fellowes, John R.Co. ?Captain
Fendley, Isaac H.Co. ICorporal
Ferguson, John B.Co. KPvt.
Ferguson, Thomas J.Co. KSgt.
Finley, EmanuelCo. KPvt.
Fleeting, AndrewCo. FSgt.
Fletcher, Andrew J.Co. DPvt.
Fletcher, JamesCo. DCaptain
Fletcher, James A.Co. GPvt.
Fletcher, James B.Co. D1st Sgt/Lt.
Fletcher, L.S.Co. GPvt.
Fletcher, Silas W.Co. DSgt.
Flippo, Andrew J.Co. KPvt.
Floyd, James A.Co. KPvt.
Fortner, Archibald HendersonCo. BPvt.
Foster, G.B.Co. IPvt.
Fowler, Moses N.Co. HSgt.
Fowler, RichardCo. BPvt.
Fowler, RichardCo. HPvt.
Fowler, Stephen G.Co. BNo rank given
Frankey, JohnCo. DPvt.
Franklin, J.T. (Thomas)Co. KPvt.
Frazier, LeviCo. FPvt.
Freeman, W.H.Co. GNo rank given, died 18 May 1862
French, A. BentonCo. EPvt.
French, J.B.Co. EPvt.
Fuller, JamesCo. BPvt.

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