Alphabetical Listing of Volunteers - J

Hale's 31st Alabama / 49th Alabama

Jackoway, Samuel Walker Co. CPvt.
Jacobs, James S.Co. E2nd Lt.
Jarnagin, HamiltonCo. BPvt./2nd Sgt.
Jenkins, Ira T. (or F.?)Co. ?Pvt. from Blount Co., AL
Jetton, D.J.Co. FPvt.
Jetton, PrestonCo. FPvt.
Jobe, James M.Co. HPvt./Corp.
Johnson, Bartley C.Co. ?Major
Johnson, Benjamin M.C.Co. ?Pvt.
Johnson, Benjamin J.Co. APvt./Sgt.
Johnson, Benjamin J.Co. HPvt./Sgt. Oleander Guards
Johnson, John C.Co. KPvt.
Johnson, Levi D.Co. APvt.
Johnson, M.C.Co. APvt.
Johnson, PinkneyCo. APvt.
Joner, E.J.Co. HPvt.
Jones, Asa L.Co. APvt.
Jones, Green B.M.Co. I2nd Lt.
Jones, Newton J.Co. KPvt.
Jones, William C.Co. GPvt.
Jones, W.W.Co. DPvt.
Julian, AnthonyCo. ASgt.
Julian, George H.Co. APvt./Sgt.

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