Alphabetical Listing of Volunteers - K

Hale's 31st Alabama / 49th Alabama

Kaellett, WilliamCo. INo rank listed
Kay, JamesCo. APvt.
Keener, J.S.Co. GPvt.
Keener, Wesley A.Co. GPvt.
Kehoe, J.C.Co. INo rank given
Keith, George WashingtonCo. CPvt.
Keller, Hanley GibbonsCo. BPvt.
Kinnamer, SamuelCo. DPvt.
Kennemer, IshamCo. DPvt.
Key, Samuel F.Co. DPvt.
Kilfoyle, John E.Co. ESgt.
King, AlexanderCo. ASgt.
King, JasperCo. EPvt.
King, Joel M.Co. EPvt.
King, ThomasCo. FSgt.
King, Thos. J.Co. F2nd Lt.
King, Wiley J.Co. FPvt.
King, William FletcherCo. BPvt./Sgt.
Kirby, Carroll H.Co. HPvt.
Kirkland, Riley R.Co. DPvt.
Kirley, R.Co. GNo rank listed
Kirtland, Byrd JacksonCo. BPvt.
Knight, Louis WilliamCo. CPvt.
Knight, Thomas FinleyCo. CPvt.
Knight, William RileyCo. CPvt.

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