Alphabetical Listing of Volunteers - L

Hale's 31st Alabama / 49th Alabama

Lackey, James RussellCo. BPvt.
Lackey, WilliamCo. BPvt.
Laforlett, AlbertCo. HPvt.
Lang, JamesCo. EPvt.
Lang, John S.Co. EPvt.
Lang, RobertCo. EPvt.
Lanier, W.J.Co. HPvt.
Latham, JohnCo. EPvt.
Latham, John CalhounCo. BPvt./1st Lt.
Latham, Martin L.Co. DPvt./Sgt.
Laughley, E.B.Co. APvt.
Laughlin, James B.Co. BPvt.
Laughlin, William ReidCo. BPvt.Sgt.
Law, Francis M.Co. DPvt.
Lawson, Anderson TaylorCo. CPvt./Lt.
Lawson, Thomas H.B.Co. CPvt.
Leadbetter, BurtonCo. CPvt.
Leadbetter, Martin Van BurenCo. CPvt.
Leath, IsaacCo. GCorporal
Ledbetter, Daniel L.Co. HPvt.
Ledbetter, Gardener C.Co. H1st Lt./Captain
Ledbetter, Paschal E.Co. HPvt.
Ledbetter, Reuben B.Co. HPvt.
Ledbetter, Reuben H.Co. HPvt.
Ledbetter, Silas M.Co. HPvt.
Lee, JordanCo. BPvt.
Lee, Washington PinkneyCo. CPvt.
Leeth, J.N.Co. GSgt.
Lemley, BuckCo. HPvt.
Lemley. Geo.Co. HPvt.
Lemley, John S.Co. HPvt.
Lemley, John W.Co. HPvt.
Leneor, William J.Co. HPvt.
Lester, James H.Co. IPvt.
Lewis, Nathaniel B.Co. KPvt.
Light, A.W.Co. APvt.
Light, David S.Co. APvt.
Light, D.C.Co. ASgt.
Lipscomb, John D.Co. G1st Sgt.
Lipscomb, ThomasCo. APvt.
Lisk, JohnCo. GPvt.
Lively, James B.Co. FPvt.
Looney, Michael EldridgeCo. CPvt.
Lowery, Martin S.Co. ASgt.
Lucus, JohnCo. FPvt.
Luttrell, James B.Co. DPvt.
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