Alphabetical Listing of Volunteers - M

Hale's 31st Alabama / 49th Alabama

Machen, F.M.Co. F1st Lt./Captain
Maddera, Joseph T.Co. G/HPvt.
Madderra, James T.Co. G/HPvt./Musician
Major, Milex, C.Co. I1st Lt.
Manning, ?Co. ?Quarter Master Sgt.
Manning, SamuelCo. ECorporal
Manning, WilliamCo. IPvt.
Manning, WilliamCo. EPvt./3rd Lt.
Manns, William W.Co. HPvt.
Maples, William McCampbellCo. H
Maples (see also McMaples)
Martin, Isaac N.Co. FCorporal
Martin, J.M.Co. FCorporal
Martin, IsaiahCo. FPvt., died Baton Rouge
Martin, Miles M.Co. EPvt.
Martin, William D.Co. FSgt.
Marvuag, J.Co. ?Pvt.
Mashawn, George WashingtonCo. CPvt.
Matchen, F.M.Co. ECaptain
Mathena, Thomas JeffersonCo. BPvt.
Mayes, James WashingtonCo. BPvt.
McClendeon, Dickson H.Co. FSgt.
McClung, Wm. P.Co. K2nd Lt.
McCorkle, J. Assistant Surgeon
McCorkle, James C.Co. EPvt.
McCorkle, James H.Co. EPvt.
McCurley, JamesCo. APvt.
McDonald, Felix G.Co. ECorporal
McDonald, WilliamCo. DPvt.
McGaha, George W.Co. D1st Lt.
McGaha, Robert E.Co. DPvt./Sgt.
McGehee, WilliamCo. DPvt.
McKee, JohnCo. EPvt.
McLendon, Dixon M.Co. FPvt.
MeLendon, NewtonCo. FPvt.
McMahan, W.P.Co. HPvt.
McMaples, WilliamCo. HLt./Captain
McMaples, see also Maples
McMann, William C.Co. EPvt.
McMillen, John H.Co. HPvt.
Motes, John W.Co. KPvt./Corporal
Medlen, Jno. A.Co. KLt.
Menifee, Willis G.Co. KPvt.
Merrell, Morgan H.Co. DPvt.
Merrill, BeverlyCo. DPvt.
Merrill, Cash E.Co. ?1st Lt.
Merrill, C.E.Co. ?1st Lt. and Adjutant
Merritt, Poke D.Co. APvt.
Merritt, WilliamCo. APvt.
Middleton, F.J.Co. KNo rank listed
Midlin, J.Co. K1st Lt.
Miller, DanielCo. CPvt.
Miller, WilliamCo. CPvt.
Millican, C.P.Co. FPvt.
Milliken, Clairborn B.Co. FPvt.
Millican, JohnCo. FPvt.
Mitchell, FrankCo. HPvt.
Mitchell, IshomCo. HPvt.
Mitchell, James LewisCo. BPvt.
Mitchell, MontgomeryCo. HPvt.
Mitchell, William JasperCo. BPvt.
Mizelle, WatsonCo. EPvt.
Moody, LeviCo. APvt.
Moon, A.J.W.Co. HPvt.
Moon, Samuel L.Co. KPvt.
Moon, Samuel W.Co. KPvt.
Moon, William F.Co. HPvt.
Moore, Charles W.Co. DPvt.
Moore, JohnCo. EPvt.
Moore, JacksonCo. KNo rank given
Moore, J.R.Co. ECorporal
Moore, S.W.Co. KPvt.
Morgan, William P.Co. EPvt.
Morgan, William R.Co. ICorporal
Morris, George W.Co. DPvt.
Morris, James H.Co. HPvt.
Morris, Martin V.Co. DPvt.
Morris, RobertCo. CPvt.
Morris, K.Co. CPvt.
Morrison, J.A.Co. DNo rank listed
Morrow, George T.Co. DSgt.
Morrow, Orson H.Co. D2nd Lt.
Morrow, William H.Co. DPvt.
Morton, ElijahCo. IPvt.
Morton, J.E.Co. INo rank listed
Morton, JesseCo. IPvt.
Morton, Joel S.Co. IPvt.
Morton, SamuelCo. IPvt.
Motes, John W.Co. KCorporal
Moxley, M.A.Co. HNo rank listed
Moyer, JacobCo. GPvt.
Murdock, James F.Co. GPvt.
Murdock, John D.Co. GPvt.
Murdock, J.A.D.Co. GSgt.
Murdock, J.W.Co. GSgt.
Murdock, W.J.Co. GPvt.
Murphree, DanielCo. EPvt.
Murphree, William T.Co. IPvt.
Murphree, Wm.Co. KPvt.
Murphy, W.Co. IPvt.
Murphree, Jesse E.Co. ICaptain
Murphy, Mace C.Co. IPvt.
Myrick, Richard GriceCo. BPvt.
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