Alphabetical Listing of Volunteers - S

Hale's 31st Alabama / 49th Alabama

Saint, John B.Co. DMusician
Saint, WilliamCo. BPvt.
Saint, WilliamCo. DPvt.
Sent, W.Co. ENo rank listed
Sampley, Oliver MillerCo. BPvt.
Sardge, N.L.Co. EPvt.
Sartin, D.B.Co. APvt.
Sartin, LewisCo. BPvt.
Sauls, H.M.Co. GNo rank listed (d.28 Jul 1862)
Scent, W.Co. EPvt.
Scott, Addison MadisonCo. CPvt.
Scott, JohnCo. KPvt.
Scott, Lawrence B.Co. GCorporal
Scott, WilliamCo. GPvt.
Seaton, Elijah B.Co. DPvt.
Seaton, Joseph M.Co. DPvt.
Sellers, Daniel RiceCo. BPvt.
Sellers, David MooreCo. BPvt.
Sellers, John JasperCo. BPvt.
Selvage, James M.Co. DPvt.
Selvage, JohnCo. DPvt.
Selvage, PeterCo. DPvt.
Selvage, WilliamCo. DSgt.
Seward, James R.Co. HPvt./Corp.
Sewell, Clement B.Co. HPvt./Sgt.
Seymour, George WashingtonCo. BPvt.
Ship, JohnathanCo. EPvt.
Shipp, Abner B.Co. FPvt.
Shipp, Richard V.Co. FPvt.
Shoemate, James B.Co. APvt.
Shore, William A.Co. DPvt.
Shubert, MadisonCo. DPvt.
Simmons, Robert H.Co. APvt.
Sisk, Chesly C.Co. GPvt.
Sisk, JohnCo. GPvt.
Slaton, AllenCo. FPvt.
Slaton, ElijahCo. FPvt.
Slaton, HenryCo. FPvt.
Slaton, JohnCo. FPvt.
Slaton, PerryCo. FPvt.
Slaton, Richard B.Co. FPvt.
Slaton, UriahCo. FPvt.
Slaton, William P.Co. FPvt.
Slaton, WillisCo. FCorporal
Smallwood, R.C.Co. APvt.
Smith, Andrew H.Co. HPvt.
Smith, David J.Co. APvt.
Smith, D.H.Co. CCorporal
Smith, George D.Co. APvt.
Smith, James H.Co. KPvt.
Smith, JohnCo. BPvt./Corp.
Smith, JohnCo. GPvt./Corp.
Smith, John C.Co. IPvt.
Smith, Seabourn R.Co. HPvt./Commissary Sgt.
Smith, T.F.Co. GPvt./Ord. Sgt.
Smith, Washington A.Co. DPvt.
Smith, William P.Co. HPvt./Corp.
Smith, W.J.Co. DCaptain
Sparks, John ThomasCo. BSgt.
Spence, William M.Co. GPvt.
Stansel, W.M.Co. BNo rank listed (d. 20 May 1862)
Stanton, E.Co. FPvt.
Stapler, JohnCo. DSgt.
Starnes, Charles N.Co. EPvt.
Starnes, DecaturCo. EPvt.
Starnes, John H.Co. EPvt.
Starnes, John J.Co. EPvt.
Starnes, Stephen D.Co. ENo rank listed (d. 18 Mar 1862)
Starnes, William J.Co. ECorporal
Stasel, S.A.Co. BNo rank listed (d. 7 Apr 1862)
Statum, JamesCo. APvt.
Stephens, HenryCo. DCorp./Sgt.
Stephens, James F.Co. GPvt. (d. 1 Apr 1862)
Stephens, Silas F.Co. DPvt.
Stephens, WillisCo. DPvt./Corp.
Stevens, Riley ? 2nd Lt. (No company listed)
Stevens, William RileyCo. CPvt.
Stewart, Alexander HamiltonCo. CPvt.
Stewart, ChapmanCo. HPvt.
Stewart, DavidCo. HPvt.
Stewart, JohnCo. HPvt.
Stigler, T.L.Co. GPvt.
Stockstill, JohnCo. GCorporal
Stockstill, William M.Co. GPvt.
Stone, William P.Co. H2nd Lt./Asst. Surgeon
Strange, Amos B.Co. FPvt.
Strange, William B.Co. FPvt./Lt.
Street, Thomas A.Co. EPvt./Major/Captain
Stuart, Basel R.Co. EPvt.
Summers, JohnCo. BPvt.
Sutton, J.B.Co. DPvt.
Swaim, DanielCo. CPvt.
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