Pvt. Patrick Barnett, Co. C, 49th Alabama

Pvt. Patrick Barnett Patrick Barnett Biography. (Contributed by O.B. Wilkinson. Email address is: jwilkinson@ficom.net)

Patrick Barnett was born in South Carolina 14 Feb. 1825. He was a blacksmith by trade and worked for the railroad. He lived near Stevenson, AL in 1860.

In January, 1862, Patrick enlisted in C Company of the 49th Regiment of Alabama. He served in several battles including Shiloh, the Corinth campaign, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge, and Port Hudson. He was captured on July 9, 1863 at Port Hudson. He was then paroled and sent home for 90 days before his unit was exchanged and reorganized at Cahaba, Alabama. His unit was sent to Dalton, GA in the spring of 1864 to join Joe Johnston's Army of Tennessee. He fought the remained of the war with the Army of Tennessee lead by Joe Johnston and John B. Hood. Battles included the Atlanta Campaign, New Hope Church, Peach Tree Creek, Jonesboro, Franklin, Nashville, and the Carolina Campaign. His unit surrendered in April, 1865 at Greensboro, North Carolina.

After the war Patrick returned home to his family working as a blacksmith and for the N.C. and St. Louis Railroad. He married Jane Farris prior to the war. They had three sons: John Patrick Barnett, William Henry Barnett, and Houston Wheeler Barnett. Pvt. Patrick Barnett died Dec. 15, 1898 in Wartrace, Bedford Co., TN and is buried in the Hollywood Cemetery.

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