Extracts from the Official War Records

for Hale's 31st Alabama and the 49th Alabama

Confederate Military History, Extended Edition, Vol. VIII, Alabama

Vol. VII, (905). Hale's battalion, in Breckinridge's brigade, Johnston's army, Murfreesboro, Feb. 23, 1862.

Vol. X, Part 1, (384). First brigade, Co. R.P. Trabue, reserve corps, Gen. J.C. Breckinridge, April 6 and 7, 1862. (614-621) Mentioned in report of Col. Robert Trabue, Shiloh, April 6 and 7, 1862. Lieutenant-Colonel Gilbreath, commanding Thirty-first (Forty-ninth) Alabama, and the regiment, commended. The regiment acted with praiseworthy gallantry in this action. Loss at Shiloh, 79.

Vol. XV, (18) Thirty-first Alabama volunteers, Colonel Edwards, mentioned in report of Gen. Earl Van Dorn, of defense of Vicksburg. (78) Mentioned in report of Gen. J.C. Breckinridge, engagement of Baton Rouge and occupation of Port Hudson, July 27 to August 4, 1862. (82) Two killed and 9 wounded; Lieut. W.H. Boggess killed, Vicksburg, July 15th. (84, 85) Mentioned in report of Col. J. Edwards, commanding, engagement at Baton Rouge, August 5, 1862. Lieutenant Childress, of Company K, was mortally wounded, and Lieutenant Hays, of Company G, and Sergeant Loughlin, of Company B, severely wounded while gallantly fighting. (273) Edwards' consolidated (Forty-ninth), Buford's brigade, March 15, 1863, at Port Hudson, La. (278) Casualties, 1 wounded during the bombardment of Port Hudson, La. (934) General orders, No. 5, Port Hudson, January 7, 1863, General Gardner assigns consolidated regiment, consisting of Twenty-seventh, Thirty-first, and Sixth Alabama battalion, to Beall's brigade. (1033) Buford's brigade, March 31, 1863, department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, General Gardner commanding; Col. Jeptha Edwards in command of regiment. (1037) Assigned to Beall's brigade, by command of General Gardner, Port Hudson, April 6th.

Vol. XVII, Part 1, (375)Rust's brigade, army of the West, Van Dorn commanding, at battle of Corinth, August 30 to October 12, 1862. (407-409) Mentioned in General Rust's report.

No. 38, (613). Beall's brigade, January 31, 1863, district of Louisiana, Pemberton. (707) Buford's brigade, April, 1863, Stevenson's division; Col. Jeptha Edwards commanding regiment.

No. 41, (143).Paroled at Port Hudson, July, 1863; Maj. T.A. Street with regiment. (147) Casualties up to June 1st, 3 killed, 18 wounded, in siege of Port Hudson. (150) Report of casualties of Beall's brigade. (551) Forty-ninth Alabama, 500 strong, at Port Hudson, La., as reported by (Union) General Dwight.

No. 58 (586). Forty-ninth Alabama and three companies of partisans and exchanged prisoners at military post, Cahaba, January 20, 1864.

No. 74 (645). Army of Mississippi, General Polk; Lieut.-Col. John Weeden commanding regiment. (652) Scott's brigade, army of Mississippi, General Loring; Capt. W.B. Beeson commanding regiment. (659) July 10, 1864, Scott's brigade, army of Mississippi, consolidated with Twenty-seventh and Thirty-fifth Alabama, under Col. Samuel Ives; Lieut.-Col. John D. Weeden.

No. 75 (724) Ordered by secretary of war, May 16th, to proceed to Dalton and report to General Johnston.

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