Field and Staff of the 49th Alabama

Information received from Alabama Dept. of Archives and History


Smith D. Hale of Madison County; retired.

Jeptha Edwards of DeKalb County; captured Port Hudson.


M. Gilbreath of Marshall County; resigned.

W.N. Crump of Blount County; retired.

John D. Weeden of Madison County; wounded and captured at Nashville.


B. Johnston of Marshall County; retired.

John D. Weeden of Madison County; promoted.

Thomas B. Street of Marshall County; captured at Port Hudson.


John D. Weeden of Madison County; promoted.

C.E. Merrill of Dallas County; wounded at Corinth and Franklin.

Captains and the counties from which the companies were organized.

Marshall County

Wm. H. Wright; resigned.

Wm. H. Davidson; captured at Port Hudson but escaped.

James Fletcher; retired.

W.H. Smith; captured at Port Hudson but escaped.

Thomas B. Street; promoted (Lt. Allen commanded).

J.S. Bain; resigned.

F.A. Pogue; killed at Port Hudson.

DeKalb County

W.G. Beason; captured at Port Hudson.

Wm. J. Haralson; resigned.

T.J. Nicholson; captured at Port Hudson but escaped.

Jackson County

Wm. R. Coffey; retired.

Samuel Johnson Bruce; a resident of DeKalb Co., AL, severely wounded and captured at Port Hudson, and died in prison. Captain S.J. Bruce died about 35 days after the fall of Port Hudson. He is buried in Cypress Grove Cemetery (NR 2), New Orleans. Today the cemetery is beneath modern day Canal Blvd. in New Orleans. Captain Bruce and about 150 Confederate veterans are buried there.

Madison County

J.D. Wann; retired.

G.C. Ledbetter; died in the service.

John D. Rivers; killed at Port Hudson.

W.M. Maples; wounded at Nashville.

John R. Gardner; killed at Shiloh.

L.M. Peavy; resigned.

Thos. J. Taylor; captured at Port Hudson.

Blount County

W.N. Crump; elected lieutenant colonel.

? Murphy; resigned.

R.F. Campbell; captured at Port Hudson.

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