Justice to Forty-ninth Alabama Regiment

Lieut. Col. John D. Weeden writes from Florence, Ala.

By Lieut. Col. John D. Weeden.

In the interesting and ably written Life of Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston
by his son, Col. William Preston Johnston, appears a graphic description
of the battle of Shiloh. He states that the Kentucky Brigade to which,
at the time, the Thirty-first Alabama Regiment was attached, had been,
on that day, detached from Gen. Breckenridge's Corps. and sent to the
support of Gen. Hardee on our left, and there assailed a part of Gen.
Sherman's Command, which was identified as McDowell's and the Thirteenth
Missouri by the prisoners who were taken; and says, on page 607:
"Finally, bringing up the Thirty-first Alabama Regiment, which had been
held in reserve, they charged at a double quick, routing the enemy and
driving them at a run from the field." 

The Regiment here referred to by Col. Johnston, was, subsequent to the
battle of Shiloh, numbered by the War Department at Richmond as the
Forty-ninth Alabama Regiment, and, thereafter, was know in the Army by
that number. At the time, however, of the battle referred to, the
Regiment, as stated by Col. Johnston, was known in that Army as the
Thirty-first Alabama, and attached to the Kentucky Brigade, commanded by
Col. Trabue, of Louisville.

Col. Johnston has kindly assured me, that in a subsequent edition of his
work, this error would be corrected.

I think it but right and justice to the brave men from the counties of
Madison, Jackson, Marshall, DeKalb and Cherokee, who composed the
Forty-ninth Alabama Regiment, that this error should be corrected. And I
do so without wishing, in the least, to detract from the equally gallant
men who composed the Thirty-first Alabama Regiment, so ably commanded by
Col. D. R. Hundley. At the time that the battle of Shiloh was fought,
Col. Hundley's regiment (Thirty-first Alabama) was being organized at
Talladega, and, consequently, could not have participated in that

I was, at the date above named, the Adjutant, and subsequently
Lieutenant Colonel of the Forty-ninth Alabama Regiment, which performed
many deeds as heroic as the part it acted in the ever memorable battle
of Shiloh. It participated in most of the important battles with our
Western Army, from Shiloh to the final surrender under Gen. Joseph E.
Johnston --- and "nothing lacked in soldiership, except good fortune."

Copied from Confederate Veteran, Volume 4, 1896, page 303.

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