Heritage Square Music Hall

We went to Heritage Square Music Hall and saw their production, Phantom of the Music Hall.  It's a must-see for everyone!  In fact, the Larsons had all seen it already, and they all came to watch it with me!  We got a great show - based on Phantom of the Opera - but with quite a few liberties throughout.

Heritage Square itself (there's more than a music hall) reminded me of Disney World's Main Street - an early 1900's row of shops of all kinds - with bold, solid colors on all the exterior walls.  Only Cinderalla's palace was missing.

Along Main Street we found one shop open before the show - a Christmas shop.  They had all kinds of things - a cornucopia of ornaments, myriad window decorations, and a room packed with little village buildings!  Mom, you must go - and set a budget beforehand!