The Mosiers

After the state house, we went to the Mosier's house.  Oreo (their pet rat) just got a new cage as we arrived, but dinner wouldn't wait!  We had chicken alfredo with corn and green beans.  Mike and Megan mug for memories:

After dinner, everyone tried to assemble Ore's chases, but we met with limited success.  Here, Gretchen and Megan have a go.

Once we got some together, Oreo checked out the facilities:

It wasn't all puzzles and food:

Nicole was there, too - but most of the time she was busy doing her homework:

And then there were the short breaks when she took time out to play the popular Backstreet Boys' tune "I Want It That Way" on the piano - and she did very well!

It must not have been long since Megan finished her project on Jupiter.  She volunteered to be quizzed on the planet and its moons, and offered up an encyclopedic list of statistics (sta-FISH-sticks).  She knew her stuff.  Afterwards, she and I sat down and figured out the ratio of gravity on Jupiter to that on Earth, 2.4:1 or so, as memory serves.