Denver - Day One

We arrived in Denver the same morning - about 10:30 Mountain Time.  Grandma and Marcia came by for a visit - they've moved to Kentucky, but they happened to be in Denver so Marcia could administer some regular horse shots for her veterinary practice she's in the process of selling.  We talked on the patio - the weather was gorgeous - for several hours.  Jim Larson thanked us for keeping him company as he weeded and swept the patio. 

About 6:00 we went to White Fence Farm.  Marcia had a ticket for a free horse drawn carriage ride (from her recent birthday dinner there), and she gave the ticket to Elizabeth.  Elizabeth and I went for a ride around the grounds.

We were glad Erik and David could make time in their schedules tom come to dinner with us - and we all got to chat for some time.  We enjoyed the visit.

Arlene took the picture at right.