The Larson/Scarborough Wedding Party FAQ

This page is for those of you in the wedding party or more directly involved in the wedding - family, and so on.


Q: What about my tux?
A: We'll be renting tuxes (including vest and shoes) from King Tux, 5101 E Yale Ave, Denver, CO 80222-6955 Phone: (303)759-5965. You can be measured at any taylor or formalwear shop (usually for free), and send your measurements to them or me. Measurements need to be in by December 17.

Q: And the dresses?
A: Dresses (aside from bridesmaids) don't need to match, just be of similar style. Mrs. Larson has a dress already. It's long with long sleeves, sky blue, with a high neckline and some white lace, a somewhat conservative outfit.


Q: When is the rehersal?
A: 4:00 p.m. at St. Andrew UMC.

Q: Where is the rehersal?
A: Same place as the wedding :-) 6325 S University Blvd.  (Get a map) (Get directions)

Q: Where's the rehersal dinner?
A: The rehersal dinner will be at White Fence Farm 6263 W Jewell Ave, Denver, CO 80232-7113, (303)935-5945. (Map) (Directions from the church)

Q: Did you say the rehersal dinner is at White Picket Fence?
A: It's actually at White Fence Farm, so named because it is a farm. It's not a fence, but it does have lovely white fences all around. The standard fare there is fried chicken, and there's always too much. Plus, they have a bottomless supply of slaw, corn fritters, cottage cheese, and a couple of other sides. It makes for a good family dinner setting.


Q: I'm from out of town. How will I get around?
A: For ultimate flexibility, you should rent a car. If you don't mind being tied to someone else's schedule, Roy (best man) and the Larsons have volunteered to take people around. We'll probably have others to help arrange transportation as well. Please check with us to arrange transportation.