NAMES - There were 224 respondees listing their names.  The most popular name was Diana with 5.
    Next was a four-way tie with four each of Jennifer, John, Kathy, and Mark.
    Then there were three each of Amy, Carol, Karen, Lori, Mike, Nancy, Pam, Patricia, and Tony.
    There were a LOT of names with two each, including Allison, Bob, Bruce, Chad, Dan, David, Denise, Don,
    Elizabeth, Erin, Frank, Jeff, Jenny, Jim, Joe, Joyce, Leslie, Liz, Lynne, Melanie, Michael, Rob, Sandra,
    Sharon, Steve, Sue, Susan, Teresa, Tracy.
    And finally, the unique among you included one Al, Amanda, Andrew, Anne, Annette, Anthony, Arthur,
    Aruna, Autumn, Barbara, Bart, Becky, Bev, Bianca, Billy, Brenda, Brian, Candy, Caren, Catherine, Cathy,
    Charlie, Charlotte, Cheryl, Chris, Christin, Cindy, Claudia, Cleo, Cliff, Corina, Cricket, Dave, Debbie,
    Debra, Derek, Eric, Erica, Faith, Fudgie, Ginger-Marlene, Gretchen, J.D., Jackie, Jacqui, Jan, Janet,
    Jason, Jeannie, Jennie, Jessica, Jia, Jill, JJ, Jonathan, Julie, Justin, Katherine, Kathleen, Katie, Kerry,
    Kim, Kimberly, Kitty, Kris, KrisAnne, Kym, Larry, Laura, Laurie, Lea, Lee, Lisa, Mac, Margaret, Mary,
    Matt, Melissa, Michéle, Michelle, Miechelle, Monica, MzDisney, Nic, Pamela, Paragon, Patrick, Patti,
    Peggy, Phil, Priscilla, Ralph, Randal, Randy, Robynne, Rodney, Ron, Ronnie, Roseanne, Russell, Sandy, 
    Shannon, Shawna, Sherry, Sophelyn, Stacey, Stephanie, Stephen, Steven, T.R., Ted, Terry, Thea, Theresa, 
    Tiffani, Traci, Wendy, and one William.
AGE - 193 respondees listed their ages.  The average was 35.79.

The Oldest was 60, and the youngest was 16.
    13 of you listed your age as 34.
    12 of you listed your ages as 38 or 32.
    9 of you listed your ages as 36, 40, or 44.
    8 of you listed your ages as 30, 31, or 35.
    7 of you listed your ages as 37, 41, or 45.
    6 of you are either 27 or 46 years old.
    5 of you are 25, 28, 42, 48, or 51 years old.
    4 are 21, 26, 33, or 47 years old.
    3 of you are 19, 23, 29, 39, or 49 years of age.
    2 of you are 16, 17, 24, 43, 50, or 52.
    and finally, there are one each of you who are 18, 20, 22, or 60 years old.

SEX - Of the 207 of you who listed your sex (or made it obvious in other information):
    142 are females, which was 68.60%.
    65 are males, for 31.40%.

MARITAL STATUS - 210 respondees listed their marital status.
    141 of you are married, which was 67.14% of the respondees.
    61 of you listed yourselves as single, which was 29.05%.
    And 8 listed themselves as divorced, only 3.81%.

CHILDREN - The average number of children of those who said they had any, was 1.62.
    2 respondees said they had 6 children.
    3 respondees said they had 5.
    8 of you said your family had 4.
    15 of you said your family had 3.
    49 familes were blessed with 2 children.
    28 of you said you only had 1.
    And 37 said you had no children at all.

STATE - Geographically, RADP respondees are spread all over The United States, and a few of you were outside the US.  Here's the breakdown:
    Florida led the pack with a full 24 respondees.
    Next up was New York with 20 readers.
    In third place was the early favorite New Jersey with 20 respondees.
    Staying in the northeast, Pennsylvania was fourth with 16 RADP'ers.
    After a huge jump to the left coast, California comes in next with 8 respondees.
    Returning to the east coast, Maryland is up next with 8 respondees (including my wife Sharon).
    Since we're in the area, Virginia also had 8 respondees.
    Continuing on the tour, we head south to Georgia with their respectable 7 RADP'ers.
    We start heading west briefly, and the next stop is Illinois with 7 of you.
    Swinging back east, we get to Massachusetts for 6 RADP'ers.
    Two of our larger states are next, with 6 each in Texas and Washington.
    Alabama is alone with 5 of you.
    Five states: Connecticut, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, and South Carolina each had 4.
    Five more: Colorado, Missouri, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin each had 3.
    Four states: Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and West Virginia each have 2.
    And our ten loner states are Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska,
    Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington D.C.

    In addition to our US residents, we have 7 respondees up north in Canada.
    2 across the Atlantic in England.
    1 in sunny Italy.
    1 in the chilly Netherlands.
    1 down under in Australia.
    1 in the home of Disneyland Paris, France.
    1 in the land of Tokyo Disney, Japan.
    And 1 in bonnie bonnie Scotland.

OCCUPATION - 197 respondees listed their occupations, many were unique. There were:
    17 Stay at home moms
    15 Teachers
    9 Students
    6 Computer Specialists/Programmers/Analysts
    4 Government Employees
    4 in the Nursing Fields
    4 System Administrators
    4 In the Theatre Related fields
    3 in Accounting
    3 Grad students (I guess I could have added these to "student" above)
    3 In Sales
    3 WDW Cast Members/Students
    3 Listed themselves as Wife or Mom
    2 Business Managers
    2 Cert. Nursing Assistants
    2 College Lecturers or Professors
    2 Office Managers/Administrative Assistants
    2 Pharmacists
    2 Were Retired
    2 Were in Risk Management
    2 Special Education Teachers
    2 Are in Tech Support
    2 Web Designers
    and one each of Admin. Assistant/Web Designer, Administrative, Aerospace Engineer, Art
    Director/Photographer, Artist, Asst Director of User Services, At an ISP, At-home Dad, Banker, Benefits
    Administrator, Bicycle Technician, Bookkeeper, Bookseller, Box Office Manager, Catalog Director,
    Cellular Technician, Church Office Manager, Collge Admissions, Counselor, Computer Network Engineer,
    Computer Operator, Computer start-up co., Computer Trainer, Concert Operations, Manager, Conductor
    on the WDW Railroad, Corporation Owner, Costume Maker/Cast member, Credit Adminstrator, Customer
    Service Supervisor, Dept. Administrator/Librarian, Director of Human Resources, Director of Ops for
    billing center, Educational Management Information Systems, Electronic Specialist, Engineer, Finance &
    Acctg Director, Firefighter/Shipping Mgr, Floral Designer, Forklift Operator, Furniture Sales, General
    Contractor, Government Contractor, Graphics Coordinator, Health Inspector, Homeschooling, Imagery
    Analyst, Insurance agent, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Inventory Control, IS Manager, Lawyer, Local
    Government, Management Assistant, Manager Self Storage facility, Marketer, Marketing Associate,
    Marketing Print Specialist, Medical Clerk, Microbiology Lab Tech, Museum technician, Musician,
    Narcotics Investigator, Nuclear Medical Technologist, Online Content Producer, Operations Asst.,
    Owner/manager/secretary/slave, Paramedic, Patent Engineer, Perioperative RN, Photographer, Physician,
    Plastics Manufacturing, Police Lieutenant, Program Instructor, Project Coordinator, Property Manager,
    Radio Operations, Route Supervisor, School Library Media Grad Student, Computer Aide, School
    Psychologist, Secretary, Senior Plan Review Specialist, Signmaker, Social Work, Stage Manager, State
    Health Education, Statistical Analyst, Student/Webmaster/Public Speaker, Technical Architect, Technical
    Writer, Technology Coordinator, Temp, Trainer, Travel, Treaty Specialist, Veterinary Tech, Weddings and
    Video Production, Writer, Yearbook Advisor, and one Youth Orchestra Exe. Dir.

LAST TRIP TO WALT DISNEY WORLD - 111 Respondees mentioned their last trip to WDW
    44 Have been to "The world" this year (2000).
    38 Haven't been since 1999.
    11 Last went to "The World" in 1998.
    8 Were last at WDW in 1997.
    2 Respondees said they'd NEVER been.
    And one each hadn't been to the world since 1976, 1980, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1994, or 1996.

    Of the 137 who mentioned their next trip, 114 said 2000, and 23 said 2001.

    1 Couple were engaged, got married, and honeymooned at "The World".
    1 Couple got both married, and honeymooned there.
    6 Couples were engaged, and honeymooned at WDW.
    15 said they'd honeymooned there.
    And 1 said they'd gotten engaged at Walt Disney World.

PETS - 118 Respondees said they had pets.  One listed as many as 92!
    One other respondee had 30
    Another listed 19
    Three listed 10
    One couple each listed 9 and 7 pets.
    Two mentioned six pets.
    3 respondees mentioned five pets.
    Thirteen different respondees said they had four
    and a further thirteen said they had 3..
    One respondee mentiond 1.5 pets (don't ask)
    TWENTY THREE said they had only two.
    Fourty had a single pet.
    And fifteen said they had no pets at all.

FAVORITE DISNEY CHARACTER - 208 votes were cast for your favorite Disney character.
    If you listed more than one, they each got a vote.

The biggest vote getter was no surprise, 52 of you said Mickey Mouse.
In descending order of votes received:
    16 Tigger
    13 Winnie the Pooh
    11 Figment
    10 Goofy
    8 Donald Duck
    6 Tinkerbell
    5 Piglet
    5 Pluto
    4 Belle
    3 each for Grumpy, Jiminy Cricket, Minnie Mouse, Roger Rabbit, Sorcerers Apprentice, and Woody.
    2 each for Brer Rabbit, Buzz Lightyear, Cinderella, Cruella DeVille, Dale, Dopey, Eeyore, Jessica Rabbit,
    Mary Poppins, Meeko, Mulan, Peter Pan, Sebastian, and Timon.
    And a single vote each for Aliens >From Toy Story, Ariel, Baloo, Big Al, Big Red, Brer Fox, Capt. Hook,
    Cheshire Cat, Chip, Cyril T. Proudbottom, Dreamfinder, Dumbo, The Dwarfs, Figaro, Gideon, The Green
    guys from TS2, Iago,  J. Worthington Foulfellow,  Jack Skellington, Little Brother, Lumiere, The Mad
    Hatter, Maleficent, Merryweather, Mushu, Pecos Bill, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Scar, Simba, Thaddeus J. Toad,
    and one for Widowmaker.

FAVORITE WALT DISNEY WORLD ATTRACTION - 237 respondees mentioned their
 favorite attraction or ride at Walt Disney World.  Once again, if more than one attraction was listed, they each got a vote.
    The most popular attraction, garnering 42 votes, was Splash Mountain.
    Next up, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, got 30 votes.
    One of WDW's newest attractions, The Rock'NRoller Coaster received 24 votes to place third.
    The Haunted Mansion got 19 votes.
    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Pirates of the Caribbean each got 12 votes.
    Space Mountain received nine votes.
    The old standby, Carousel of Progress received eight votes.
    Animal Kingdom's Kilimajaro Safari received seven votes.
    The late Horizons and Spaceship Earth each received five votes.
    Buzz Lightyear's spinning ride received four votes.
    Extra Terrorestrial Alien Encounter, The Great Movie Ride, It's a Small World, Journey Into Imagination,
    and Winnie the Pooh each received three votes.
    The American Adventure, Cinderella's Castle, Cranium Command, The Enchanted Tiki Room, Festival of
    the Lion King, Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, It's Tough to be a Bug, The Monorail, Muppet Vision 4D,
    Peter Pan's Flight, and The Test Track each received only two votes.
    And finally, The Adventurers Club, The China Movie at EPCOT, Cinderella's Carrousel, Countdown to
    extinction, Dinosaur, Dumbo, EPCOT's World Showcase, Fantasmic, Honey I Shrunk The Audience, The
    Hunchback of Notre Dame stage show, The Japan pavilion in EPCOT, Kali River Rapids, The Little
    Mermaid, The Living Seas, Maelstrom, Main Street, The People Mover, Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin,
    Star Tours, The Tomorrowland Indy Speedway, The Tomorrowland Transit Authority, The Universe of
    Energy, And The Wedway People Mover each received one vote.

FAVORITE DISNEY MOVIE - 189 votes were cast for the voters favorite Disney movie.
Here's the breakdown:
    The Lion King led all movies with 29 votes.  Folowed by Beauty and the Beast with 23.
    Third place was The Little Mermaid, which received 13 votes.
    Toy Story got nine, and Tarzan got eight votes
    Seven votes each were cast for Aladdin, Cinderella, The Huchback of Notre Dame, and Mulan.
    Fantasia, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, and Sleeping Beauty each received 6 votes.
    101 Dalmatians, The Jungle Book, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, and Toy Story 2 each got 4.
    Three votes were cast for Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, The Parent Trap, and Pinnochio.
    20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Fantasia 2000, The Happiest Millionaire, The Nightmare Before 
    Christmas, Pocahontas, The Song of the South, Swiss Family Robinson, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 
    each received two votes.

    And finally Alice in Wonderland, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, Dumbo, Flubber, The Goofy Movie, 
    The Kid, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Mrs. Doubtfire, Pete's Dragon, The Rescuers Down 
    Under, And The Sword & The Stone each received a single vote.

111 votes were cast in this, the final category I tracked.

    17 votes were cast for Wilderness Lodge
    14 for Dixie Landings
    14 for The Polynesian
    12 for The Contemporary
    9 for Port Orleans
    8 for Boardwalk
    7 for Caribbean Beach, Grand Floridian, and Yacht Club
    3 for All Star Movies
    3 for The Beach Club
    2 for All Star Music
    2 for Coronado Springs
    2 for Fort Wilderness
    2 for Old Key West
    And 1 for Disney Institute and Fort Wilderness Campground

Well, that's it.  I had to make some "executive decisions" about what data to track, and which posts contained too little actual information to include, as well as how to combine certain occupations and other data to provide the most realistic picture of the tastes of you, the readers of RADP.  If I missed anyone, I'm sorry.  It certainly wasn't deliberate.  See you on the boards...    Ed