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Holidays Around the World

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Last Updated: 9/25/99

Hello all!  Welcome to our Holidays Around the World Page.  I had a little more time on my hands and decided to put together some information that may help some of you prepare yourselves for your upcoming holiday visit to WDW.  We have been to WDW during the Christmas season for the last two years and what you'll see here is some of the information we've picked up along with a few pictures.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions about what you see here.

ReindeerHolidays Around the World

"Holidays Around the World" is another of the many special events that occurs at WDW during the Christmas season.  It's a celebration of stories and traditions shared by story tellers in each of the international pavilions in Epcot's World Showcase.
Holidays Around the World is held daily beginning at about 11:15 am and running to about 4:45 pm (at least that's been the
schedule in the past).  The shows are offered about once every hour.  Be sure to pick up an Epcot Entertainment Guide
when you enter Epcot to get exact showtimes.

Holiday Story Tellers:

Mexico - Los Tres Reyes Magos.  The Three Kings explain their search for a special infant in Bethlehem.

Norway - Julenissen.  An impish gnome shares Christmas traditions from the Land of the Midnight Sun.

China - The Monkey King.  Sun hou-kong enacts his legend of redemption and acquired wisdom.

Germany - St. Nicholas.  The beloved Bishop of Myra relives the story of the first Christmas tree.

Italy - La Befana.  The friendly witch recounts her search of 2,000 years for il Gesu Bambino.

The American Adventure - Santa Claus.  Meet Santa Claus.

Japan - Tales of the Daruma Seller.  Our humble vendor of charming Daruma dolls explains their New Year's significance.

Morocco - Tales of the Taarji.  Our holiday drummer reveals a history of heroism and gifts surrounding the
                  Feast of Ashoora.

France - Pere Noel.  The "good spirit of the season" shares a Christmas letter from little Babette.

United Kingdom - Father Christmas.  The origins of familiar carols and Christmas cards are unveiled.

Canada - Canada's Santa Claus.  A jolly elf reveals traditions from the vast expanse of Canada.
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