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Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

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Last Updated: 9/25/99

Hello all!  Welcome to our Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) Page.  I had a little time on my hands and decided to put together some information that may help some of you prepare yourselves for the MVMCP.  We went in 1997 and what you'll see here is stuff we picked up, lessons we learned and some recommendations.  Along with that, I've thrown in some pictures and and stuff.

ReindeerMVMCP Map

Click here for the MVMCP map (297K), which shows what is open and what is not.  Other key information on the map is the location of the family photo stations, holiday goodies (read that as hot chocolate and cookies), and characters.

Santa ClausMVMCP Schedule

Click here for the MVMCP schedule (86K), which shows the times for the parade (shown twice), the special Holiday Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks, Mickey's T'was the Night Before Christmas and other shows.

Christmas CandleOur 1997 MVMCP Experience
Susan and the kids were only at WDW for a few days so we ended up trying to cram a lot of stuff into a short
period of time.  On this particular day we started out touring MGM Studios, did the 6 pm showing of the Candlelight
Processional and then dashed out of Epcot and hotfooted it over to the Magic Kingdom (MK) for MVMCP.  We
drove over to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) then rode the ferry boat over to the MK arriving at 7:45 pm.
As we entered the turnstiles, we were given our MVMCP buttons.

***Tip***  For those that don't know, even though the MVMCP is advertised as beginning at 8 pm, the
gates actually open at 7:30.

We were amazed that folks were already staking out their spots on Main Street for the 9 pm parade...what a waste!
We made our way down Main Street seeing for the first time the "snow".  The effect is pretty good.
They do the same thing on New York Street at MGM in the evenings.  Taking the advice of other RADPers,
we skipped the photo booths along Main St., bypassing long snaking lines, and continued walking into Tomorrowland.
We had our picture taken at the booth near the Astro Orbiter and were the third group in line.

***Tip***  To minimize/eliminate any wait in getting your family picture taken, go to the photo booth in Adventureland, Fantasyland or the back of Tomorrowland (see the map above).

Five minutes later we were finished with the picture.  Before the photo is taken, you fill out a card giving your name and address.  The picture is mailed in a couple of weeks.  We walked across the way to the Galaxy Theater for Mickey's
Twas the Night Before Christmas show.  The show was a hoot!  Definitely a not-to-be-missed show.  We split up
afterwards with Susan opting for Space Mountain while I took the kids on Astro Orbiter.  Somehow, both kids
and I crammed into a single orbiter and had a blast!  Brian, who has been terrified of Space Mountain, for some
unknown reason decided he wanted to "face his fear" and ride it.  Katie looked at him like he was crazy and
said "Uh uh" and took Susan's hand and headed for Tomorrowland Transit Authority.  Brian and I took off for
SpM and rode with a 5 minute wait...woo hoo!  That's my boy!  We met up and decided to do Alien Encounter
(AE).  AE is pretty good but we never do it more than once per trip.


It was now getting pretty close to time for the fireworks so we headed over to the designated RADP meeting
place...the Liberty Bell in Liberty Square.  There were about 20 of us in all and we "oohed"
and "ahhed" over the fireworks and took photos.  Kodak must love RADP...we take *so* many pictures.
After the fireworks, Susan and the kids took off for the Christmas Shoppe to buy gifts before I could
tell them we were all planning to go ride Splash Mountain together.  The group hung around waiting for them
to return but they never did.  I said my farewells to everyone and went in search of my lost family.  I found
them still in the shop finishing up their purchases.  What I've not yet mentioned is that it was now after 10
pm and we had not yet eaten any dinner!

We made our way to Pinocchio's Village Haus where we stuffed up on burgers and hot dogs.  We didn't bother
with the cookies or hot chocolate and from what I've read and heard, we didn't miss much.  We rode Mr. Toad's
Wild Ride with a short wait, then rode the Haunted Mansion with no wait.  It was now about 11:15 so we
found a place in Liberty Square to watch Mickey's Very Merry Christmas parade.

***Tip***  Take note of where the lights are when you pick out a spot to watch the parade.  We noticed
that folks sitting on the lagoon side of the road had lights shining right in their faces making the parade
a bit tougher to see.

The parade was great!  What else can be said?  It was now near midnight and we were all pretty exhausted
so we started heading towards the exit.  On the way out, we ducked into Pirates of the Caribbean for
one last ride.  We made it back to our campsite at Fort Wilderness at 1:05 am...yawn!
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