Tourist Mickey Visits Rocket City USA!

Tourist Mickey in Rocket Park
Tourist Mickey visited with the Spencer family from February 3-8, 1999.  While with Jeff, Susan
Brian and Katie, Mickey got to do quite a few things including a VIP tour of the Marshall Space Flight Center
where Jeff and Susan work.  Here Mickey checks out a Saturn-1 and a Redstone rocket, among others.
Redstone Rocket
Susan and Mickey climbed all over the rockets. Mickey also enjoyed crawling up into the nozzles of
several.  This is a Redstone rocket like the one that carried Alan Shepard into space.
 Werner Von Braun
Susan shows Mickey the bust of Dr. Werner Von Braun, the German rocket scientist responsible
for putting man on the moon.  Dr. Von Braun was a friend of Walt Disney's.
Moon Buggy Astronaut
Mickey catches a ride with an astronaut on a lunar moonbuggy.  Mickey thought being
an astronaut would be cool but the suit seemed a little constraining.
Shuttle Booster Nosecap
Mickey climbed atop a nosecap from a Space Shuttle solid rocket booster.  The view
was pretty good from up there.
Space Station Console
Mickey also toured the Space Station mockup at Marshall Space Flight Center.  Here he
and Susan are looking at some of the experiment racks in the Lab module.
Space Station Lab
Mickey and Susan check out another console.  Mickey got on the
keyboard and send some email to Minnie and Pluto.
Space Shuttle Ride
Aaaiiieeee!  Mickey, you're supposed to ride on the *inside* of the Shuttle!
Mickey tries out NASA's newest X vehicle - the X-33 single-stage-to-orbit vehicle.  He
thought the X-33 looked much cooler than the Space Shuttle.
Hubble Telescope
Mickey takes a look at the Hubble Space telescope.
Brian & Mickey Lego Mindstorms
Brian lets Mickey operate his latest Lego Mindstorm robotic creation.  Brian first was
introduced to Mindstorms at Epcot's Innoventions.
Birthday Cake
Mickey was a guest of honor at Katie's 9th birthday party.  He insisted on a
corner piece cake and double ice cream.
Katie & Mickey
Katie and a friend paint ceramic figures at the Fun Factory where Katie had her
birthday party.  Mickey supervised the painting.
Smokey Joe's
Mickey joined the family at the theatre to see "Smokey Joe's Cafe", a wonderful Broadway
musical.  Being the celebrity he is, he didn't even need a ticket to get in.
Mickey and Pooh
Park Ranger Pooh presents Mickey with some space trading cards
as a memento of his visit.

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