Bob Bennett and the Bob Bennett Page

Written By Jay Rinkel

I have had this awesome opportunity to get to correspond with one of my favorite Christian singers/songwriters. This person is Bob Bennett. I first discovered Bob Bennett's music from a bargain bin at a local Christian Bookstore. The cassette that I saw was Songs From Bright Avenue. It had a picture of a guy sitting in a lounge chair with an acoustic guitar. I said to myself, "self, this can't be too bad." And I bought it. I listened to it and I liked it. Since it was in a bargain bin I thought it was "out-of-print". NOT SO!!! One night some friends of mine and I went to see Michael Card in concert in Chattanooga. It was the acoustic tour. To my pleasant surprise Bob Bennett played a few songs during the concert. I was not in any way expecting him to be there. The whole concert was great (I got to meet Michael Card backstage after the concert -- but this is about Bob, not Mike). I bought some of Bob's albums at the concert. I also tried to order more of his stuff through the local store.

I always thought to myself that I should write Bob. His albums had an address you could write to along with a disclaimer stating he was terrible at answering mail. This statement tended to discourage me from writing. Time drew on and I kinda forgot about it all. Occasionally I would play some Bob Bennett music and wonder what he was up to. One day, I was on my computer downloading my email. To my surprise I got some email from Bob Bennett!! I couldn't believe it! He simply said that he appreciated the nice words I said about him on internet. I quickly shot back some email to him and we conversed a little bit back and forth. I stopped the email because I didn't want to bother him too much. One day I was browsing internet with a search engine and came across some recent usenet news articles that Bob had written. I decided to go and say hello to him and ask how his new album and web page were doing (Bob told me in our earlier emailing that he was hoping for a web page to be up sometime soon and also that a new album was being recorded). Both questions were dissappointing. No label yet to release the album with. No web page up.

I decided to put up a simple web page for Bob Bennett. I will be honest -- I did not know how he would respond. I tend to think the worst about every situation. This was no exception. I had these thoughts that maybe he would be a little angry that I beat a designated "someone" to the making of the page. I decided to trust God about it. If Bob became angry, well, I followed my heart anyhow. I put up the simple page and sent Bob some email. It turned out that all of my fears were negated. Bob seemed very grateful for what I had done. He expressed his heart felt thanks to me for what I had put together. I didn't think it was that big of a deal. But, the fact is, he thought it was special, and that made the whole thing more special to me. He sent me some stuff in the mail as a token of his great appreciation for what I had done. I was completely overwhelmed by what I had received.

I have been corresponding with Bob fairly regularly. Since the page's beginning, it has seen 2 revisions. Bob and I are coming up with more plans for the web page. The other Bob Bennett page is still in the works. I do not know when that page will come up but I am sure that when it does it will be a great addition to the web as well.

Well, that is my story of how I met Bob (via internet) and how the (first) Bob Bennett Page came to being.