Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions to me, the one who maintains the Bob Bennett Web Page. Some of the below questions are not normally asked of me, but I felt like it was important to make some information known. As I have time I will update this FAQ appropriately.

Q: Where do I find Bob's album _____

A: Much of Bob's music is available on You can also find MP3 downloads for various material on Amazon and iTunes. Buying direct from Bob puts more money in Bob's pocket.

Q: Where do I find sheet music?

A: Well, there is one songbook that was printed of Bob's music. It is the Matters Of The Heart song book. It also includes some songs from First Things First like "My Redeemer Lives", "The Best", and "You're Welcome Here". I currently am not able to fulfill requests for copies from this. I have allowed myself to get too busy with many things and have done a terrible job of promptly responding to those requests that have been made. When I am able to make this available, again, this FAQ will reflect this.

Q: Where do I get lyrics for _____ ?

A: Well, some lyrics are already posted on the site. As a background task, I am trying to type more lyrics up for the site. If you want lyrics for a song, feel free to email me and if I can, I will type them up for you or point you to a URL where you can view them.

Q: When is Bob Bennett going to perform in my area?

A: I don't know. The best thing to do is check out the concert calendar that is on and look to see what is happening. If nothing is happening in your area, maybe you can host a concert in your area.

Q: How do I schedule a concert?

A: You should contact Bob Bennett. Bob is handling his scheduling right now. Go to and browse the information there on how to schedule a concert.

Q: Is this an OFFICIAL Bob Bennett Web Site?

A: Well, that is a good question. The real official site is It is put together under the supervision of Bob himself. The other Bob Bennett web sites listed below retain a semi-official status for Bob still visits our guest books and provides us information.

The first web page for Bob Bennett was this one, The Bob Bennett Web Page. It was started initially because I felt that Bob needed a web presence and he was waiting for his web site to get going. The site that was initially intended by Bob to be his site is the Bright Avenue site hosted by Tom Loredo. Another person, Annie Angelsong, put up her own Bob Bennett fan page. Unfortunately, we cannot find her page right now. Her site was also considered to be a semi-official web site.

Tom Loredo typically only adds information to his site that Bob has asked him to put up. His site says it is "Bob Bennett's home on the web" and that's how he treats it. The other two semi-official sites, The Bob Bennett Web Page, and Annie's Another Bob Bennet Fan Page, typically will put up whatever information they can find. I have found stuff off of usenet and emails and posted it. I have taken the time to type in song lyrics, etc. Both Annie and I have guest books on our sites where people can type messages in for us and Bob Bennett to see. I find it very interesting that some people visit and sign at my page that don't sign at Annie's and vice versa. All sites should complement each other. Some information is duplicated. I would personally like to compile as much information as I can for my web site so it can be a one-stop ordeal. But this is the web and a hyperlink takes care of all that!

Q: You call this a web site?

A: Believe it or not, yes...