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(Oct 19, 2005)

Due to a high volume of SPAM occurring on the guestbook, I have temporarily disabled it until I can find a way to filter it. I apologize for this inconvenience but I have literally received hundreds of advertisements since the beginning of the year (2005) and I am not pleased at all. All are direct posts onto the guestbook itself. As if email SPAM wasn't bad enough, now we have to worry about people spewing out gobs of unwanted advertisements on guestbooks now. In general you can thank the gambling industry and the pharmaceutical industry (or some subset of those) for this necessary action. Below the Submit button is actually disabled. Otherwise, the content below is unaltered for historical reasons (and if I get some kind of filter working)

Thank you for coming here to the Guest Book. Please take a short amount of time to tell us that you came by to visit. If nothing else, just give us your name. The email and comments fields are optional but we would appreciate you filling those out too, if you can. Please give any comments you'd like about this Bob Bennett Page or about Bob Bennett's music. Bob Bennett and I (Jay Rinkel, creator of the page) will be able to read your comments. We are trying to upgrade this part as necessary!!

Please Note: Bob Bennett and I (Jay Rinkel) are considering on posting certain selected guest book entries to be viewed by visitors to this web site. If you do not wish your message to be viewed by visitors to the site, please check "Private Message" below.


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