History Of The Bob Bennett Web Page

This website began as a very simple page of dedication to the music of Bob Bennett that I liked so much. It all started in the mid 1990s (I'll have to check on the exact year). Some email communication between Bob Bennett and myself found that Bob was waiting for web content to be created by another devoted fan. I looked up (using Library of Congress copyright search) Bob's discography at the time and built a simple one page site.

Within weeks or a short number of months, the website that Bob Bennett had anticipated, "Bright Avenue" (run by Tom Loredo) came online and contained some specific information from Bob himself. The "Bright Avenue" site highlighted information and activities during the time that Bob was recording and releasing his album Small Graces. The content of this website (run by me) expanded and Bob carefully sorted and sent information to the two webmasters so that "complementary" websites would exist. Sometime during this, another devoted fan (under the name "Annie Anglesong") built a site as well and all of the fan sites were linked to each other appropriately.

As the months and years continued to roll, I looked for content to post onto this website -- some from myself and what I could find online, and also from others. For a time, I became the front man for locating copies of Bob Bennett CDs and cassettes (remember those things?). Once I found a local "Joshua's Christian Bookstore" had a "bargain room" of cassettes and CDs. They had over 40 cassettes of Bob Bennett's album Songs From Bright Avenue. One day, I walked in and purchased 40 cassettes of that album and made retail history by the most number of cassette copies of Songs From Bright Avenue purchased by a single customer, in a single sale, on a given day that year. Once those cassettes were purchased, I would mail them to wanting individuals. Most of them were mailed out.

As the new century rolled in, the internet became even bigger and more interactive than it had been. What was once special websites that individuals built, became interactive sites that anyone could use (such as MySpace and Facebook). Bob initiated his own The Absolutely (Sort Of) Official Bob Bennett Web Page and worked to keep it up to date. Soon, his site became the place to get the latest information, in conjunction with Facebook, etc.

Now, a new revived website supervised by Bob himself has recently come online and is the go-to place for all current Bob Bennett related information.

This old "Bob Bennett Web Page" will continue to exist. After Bob's more official site became the knowledge center, I asked the members of the Bob Bennett email group about whether I should take this site down. Everyone insisted it stay. So, this site will continue to be here until the company / domain that this site operates on disappears (if that ever happens). When very huge, important things come up to announce, I may update this site accordingly. However, all last minute information is to be found at bobbennett.com

In closing I will re-use a quote that so often was found on Bob's emails and albums in the 90s ... "To be held in the heart of a friend is to be a King"