Bob Bennett Guest Book for 10/96

NAME: Lynn Kerby
DATE: 10/1/96 @ 0:15:48

Hi Jay!

Great work so far. I look forward to seeing more info about Bob and his music in the future. I am really looking forward to hearing Bob's latest music (maybe 5 Minute Walk Records would be interested in distributing it).

NAME: frank jaklitsch
DATE: 10/1/96 @ 0:38:04

NAME: frank jaklitsch
DATE: 10/1/96 @ 0:42:17

i would like to know when "small graces"is released.i would easily order 6 cd's/tapes,lots of friends into bob.can you let people know when it's out (an electronic mailing list perhaps).also,the song he sang on the mark heard video "heart of hearts"should definitely be released.cheers.

NAME: Trey Martindale
DATE: 10/8/96 @ 21:54:41

Saw Bob in Lubbock, TX two nights ago, and it was a treat. Looking forward to the new album. Any chance you will post Bob's song lyrics here? I know several people who try to play his songs, including myself.

NAME: Danl Blackwood
DATE: 10/9/96 @ 1:07:43

I'm a relatively new Bob Bennett fan. I know next to nothing about him, so this page is great for me. My first exposure (other than radio) was tracking down that _Lord Of The Past_ CD that is apparently hard to get. I play guitar, and plan to learn most of those tunes for special music at church and an occasional acoustic solo gig. Any chance of getting lyrics? (So I don't have to type them all up myself, that's how I learn songs.)

NAME: Paul F. Pearson
DATE: 10/9/96 @ 7:51:03

Jay, The page looks good. Keep up the good work.

Bob, Thanks for some good music, and a great attitude towards the ministry and the music industry.

NAME: Dan M cCarville
DATE: 10/10/96 @ 13:08:17

I've had the priviledge of hearing "SMALL GRACES":Wonderful!

NAME: dave flett
DATE: 10/14/96 @ 16:01:43

thanks a million. glad to finally see somethig on the web dedicated to Bob's music. - dave.

NAME: Bob Davidson
DATE: 10/17/96 @ 22:13:42

NAME: Jack Snavely
DATE: 10/18/96 @ 21:40:39

What a surprise to read of your Web page and the one of the next things I read was a note from him asking about Isaac Air Freight!! I wrote him a response since I especially like his songs "Yours Alone" and "Psalm 149" that I found in a "bargin bin". What a bargin!! Then I found a few tapes in a Christian "bargin bin"!! A double bargin! I'm interested in reading a little more about Bob. As I told Bob, some of the best Christian music I have I found in bargin bins. These songs I mentioned are an example of the music I share with my friends. The usual response is where did you get that?? I love good acoustic music with matching lyrics. Bob's talents have encouaged me in many of my restless nights. I will be looking forward to hearing his new release. I appreciate that you've set up this page for him. Do you know if there is a Don Francisco, Michael Card and Rich Mullens home page too?? I'll be looking. Thanks Jay Jack

NAME: Mike Joline
DATE: 10/19/96 @ 0:19:05

Found your site informative and helpful. I have been a fan of Bob's music for years since I first heard "Man of the Tombs" so many years ago. It was as if I had written the lyrics, or they had been written about me.....Glad to see you are keeping the site up to date. This is my 4th visit. Found you through Altavista search engine. Keep up the good work.


NAME: Brett Eubank
DATE: 10/21/96 @ 19:47:27

NAME: Erick Nelson
DATE: 10/24/96 @ 9:27:46

I'm an old friend of Bob's, and think it's great that you are doing a page for him. When he told me about it, I emailed him and said that he'd better provide you with some content, or else you'd just have to make up whatever you wanted!

Nice job so far. One thing you might to is to get a list of web sites and discussion groups that Bob finds interesting. If you're brave, you could email leading CCM artists that have worked with Bob and get some quotes about how great he is. That's all I can think of right now.

I'll be checking in from time to time to see what's new. (So that reminds me, you could have a "What's New" thing at the top of the page, so people would come back again and again and go to the new stuff). When I go to this page, the first thing I do is check out the Bob Quotes.

NAME: Suzzanne Wilson
DATE: 10/25/96 @ 20:51:34

I truly enjoyed your bio. In fact the reason that I was so curious, is that my mother's maiden name is Bennett. I have been doing genealogy, and have found that her father's family came over from Ireland to Maryland in the very early 1700"s. I was wondering if by a great chance that we might be related? I know that we are brother and sister in Christ if not by blood. GOD Bless You and Your Precious Family I would be proud if you were in my family, not for being a well known singer, but for being a Christian. In Christian Love Suzzanne Wilson

NAME: Brad Harris
DATE: 10/30/96 @ 9:58:57

Dear Bob and Jay,

Let me first of all say that I was thrilled to find a page dedicated to your music. I am a guitar player and the striking uniqueness along with the pure accoustical sound you achieve in your music has always mesmerized me. The un- expected rhythms and the unusual chord combinations fascinate me. And I could in fact say the same things about your poetry.

However, since I did not really discover your music until the late 80's I have had to be content with not having your mid 80's releases (although I did find a copy of First Things First).

This brings me to the point where I hope you can help me. I occasionally play and sing in church. In the last 6 months I have had the song "Madness Dancing" running through my mind - actually one verse of the song. I do not know the other versus or the bridge, if there is a bridge. I believe that I have succesfully chorded out (within a chord or two) the verse and chorus. But since I have only heard it on KSBJ (Houston) 4 0r 5 times I am unable to complete it. I know my request is a big one but would it be possible to get the lyrics and the chords? And if possible I would love to have a copy of the C.D. or tape or just a copy of the song.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you both for establishing this home page.


Brad Harris

NAME: Paul Mays
DATE: 10/30/96 @ 17:19:10

I've loved Bob's music for a long time and am very gratified that someone has taken the time and cosiderable effort to assemble this page for Bob. Let me just take this opportunity to thank you sincerely. I will be a VERY frequent visitor and although I'm a computer idiot, if there's anything I can do to help the page don't you dare hesitate to e-mail me. Thanks again!