Bob Bennett Guest Book for 11/96

NAME: Richard Rinkel
DATE: 11/5/96 @ 5:50:18

The page is a good start. I will be honest, I never heard of Bob Bennett until you, Jay, started talking about him. Bob, I wish you the very best in your future release; and yes Bob, I am related to Jay.

NAME: Ben May
DATE: 11/5/96 @ 9:35:01

Through an email to Michael Card's home page, I found you guys! (You might want to hot-link from Michael's home page to this site for interested parties). Is there any way to order an album, cassette, CD etc. of Matters of the Heart? My cassette of that project recently broke and I'm out of luck! Please let me know. Also, I'm interested in the timing of Bob's next release, Small Graces. Any news? Thanks much,

Ben May Birmingham, AL

NAME: Rick Yates
DATE: 11/6/96 @ 21:04:11

Nice page. I'm looking for chord sheets for some of Bob's stuff. Any ideas where these might be found?

NAME: Ted & Gayle Emerson
DATE: 11/8/96 @ 23:24:19

We have been anxiously awaiting the release of Small Graces for many months!!! (after Bob told us about it after one of his concerts here in Houston.) Few artists have touched us like Bob has. As newlyweds, one of our favorite albums was, interestingly enough, Songs from Bright Avenue.

God Bless Michael Card!!!! It was he that first introduced me to Bob's music when they both gave a concert here in Houston. I am appalled sometimes at the quality of music that is turned out by the Christian music industry. It lacks heart, it lacks depth, it lacks heartache, it lacks true joy. Isn't this what the Christian walk is all about?

We are overjoyed that Bob is not abandoning his music!!!

NAME: debra gardner
DATE: 11/9/96 @ 6:45:38

I'm very glad there's now a Bob Bennet web page. He's become part of my musical family, so I like to keep up with him. He's on my prayer list as well.

NAME: Marty Verk
DATE: 11/15/96 @ 13:41:37

For Bob: Keep on sining what most Christians are really feeling and not admitting. Your songs LORD OF THE PAST & MAN OF THE TOMBS are portraits of my life. I've been looking for the music to these songs. I play guitar and normally use lead sheets. If they're available I'd be very greatful.

Lord Bless

Marty Verk Isa 26:3

NAME: Keith Shauger
DATE: 11/16/96 @ 8:41:51

DATE: 11/18/96 @ 23:31:09

bob's biggest fan in AFRICA, south africa - that is. we've talked a bit on the OOG pages.

NAME: Matthew Nightingale
DATE: 11/20/96 @ 11:58:53

Way to go! Thanks for creating a place where I can discover more about this awesome talent! I remember hearing Bob on Christian radio back in the early 80s, and I actually saw him on the "Unguarded" tour with Amy Grant, but I hadn't heard from him in a LONG time. I've been really getting into the folk/acoustic music scene lately, and his name keeps popping up, so I went out and got "Lord of the Past" and was reminded of what a fantastic writer/singer/player this guy really is! I've also been interested in all of this CCM coverage. Anyway, thanks for your efforts. This page is bookmarked in my computer! --Matt

NAME: Tim English
DATE: 11/20/96 @ 16:55:26

Thanks for the Bob Bennett page!!!! I am a huge fan, and have been ever since the first time I heard Mountain Cathedrals. I have incredible respect for Bob, and am thrilled that he is about to release another recording. I hope he knows how many people out here love him, despite all of the "knocks" he's been through. I play acoustic guitar, and Bob Bennett is among my favorites, along with Dan Fogelberg and Billy Crockett. He definitely has a style all his own, and putting that together with his insightful and honest song lyrics, it's a match made in heaven. Besides that fact that I had the opportunity to meet him briefly, he has always felt like a friend. I could go on and on about my respect and admiration, but I think you get the picture!

NAME: doug walker
DATE: 11/21/96 @ 0:29:41

Have loved Bob Bennett since I first heard "You're always welcome here" how many years ago...I will check your page out and maybe I will link it from my page.

God Bless. doug

NAME: Patti Cole
DATE: 11/23/96 @ 21:46:33

This is truly GREAT! Bob has been one of my favorites for over 10 years, and I can't for the life of me figure out why he has received so little national attention! He is so talented vocally as well as instrumentally. His lyrics are simply amazing. And, to top it off, he seems like a genuinely NICE person. I had the opportunity to see him a couple of times in person a while back, when I lived on the Oregon Coast. (Was I tickled, or what???? :-)

I happen to have all 5 of his previous releases, and (because the others were quite a long time in between) I was beginning to wonder if there would be another. I can hardly wait! I just knew there must be someone else who appreciated his music as much as I have!

I'll be back for more news -- or you can E me.

NAME: Steven Lunetta
DATE: 11/25/96 @ 10:23:49

NAME: Leslie M. Hines
DATE: 11/25/96 @ 13:46:11

I read about Bob Bennett a recent issue of CCM. I was impressed by his stand against the current practice of the Christian Music Companies of being more impressed by image than substance, and their increasing greed for big bucks. I am not familiar with his music, but intend to try to obtain some. I am curious to see what it's like, and I like to support people of integrity and who have real Christian values.

NAME: The Rushmans
DATE: 11/29/96 @ 14:22:27

We parents have listened for > 16 years... Our children have grown up listening to him, as well as Larry Norman, Phil Keaggy, John Michael Talbot... Our site is not fancy, but We will add a link for you soon... Booking info would be good; what is the minimum Bob has to be guaranteed? We hope this finds him well, thanks for this page!

(Ed wrote this)

Oh yes, any concerts close to Westminster, CA soon (other than Calvary Chapel in Murrieta?)

(Ed wrote this, too)

NAME: bob wingate
DATE: 11/30/96 @ 15:50:07

hi jay.. bob knows of me.. i am also a devoted fan.. i saw him live ONCE onstage with Amy Grant at Carowinds amusement park.. bob said he remembered this experience, as everyone was wanting him to GET OFFA DA STAGE and let Amy come on.. haha.. i have all 5 of bob's albums, two on LP, four on cassette (one on both).. i'd like to get them ALL on CD sometime.. i'm unemployed right now, studying (of all things)WEB PAGE DESIGN.. can't wait for the new album..

get back to me sometime.. tell bob "hi"

bob wingate