Bob Bennett Guest Book for 12/96

NAME: Ken Swinehart
DATE: 12/2/96 @ 15:42:16

I would be interested in obtaining information concerning how someone could get a hold of out-of-print recordings of Bob.

NAME: David Lankford
DATE: 12/2/96 @ 23:57:31

My wife and I have been long time Bennett supporters. We live in Dallas, Texas, and have heard Bob in concert almost every time he has come. The last time we visited with him was at the Profit grill in lower Greenville, also known as Deep Ellum. Linda, my wife, was pregnant with our first child, and after sitting hrough a very long borning pre-Bob musical guest, the time for Bob to come and play came and went by some two hours. Having met Mr. Bennett and spoken with him before, as we got up to leave, I stopped by where he was patiently waiting his turn and told him how we appreciated him and his music, but now had to leave because my wife had become tired. Bob, said "just a minute...follow me". He took his guitar and with us and two other couples in tow, went outside on the street corner and played "Lord of the Past" for us. I can tell you that - that one song was worth the 3 hours and 45 minutes we had to wait to hear him. He is truly a man honor, and of God, dedicated to music with a message for a world in desperate need of God's love. I can't wait until his next CD comes out...I will be the first 10 to purchase it I am sure.

Great to see this Web page...keep up the good work!!!


David & Linda Lankford

NAME: Jim Karpowitz
DATE: 12/3/96 @ 12:47:51

Have enjoyed Bob's music for several years now and have had the pleasure of meeting him a few times. He's very inspirational in my own musical work.

NAME: Chip Gibson
DATE: 12/3/96 @ 23:54:25


NAME: Cindy Onion
DATE: 12/4/96 @ 17:33:38

I work for a professor here at the University of Colorado on a temp. assignment until his assistant comes back in Jan. A student made one of his classes a new web page and added on a bunch of stuff that I decided to look around on. Too my excitement I found a bunch of Christian music stuff! And there was Bob Bennett! My husband and I saw Bob a few years ago when we lived in Southern California. He did an outside mini Christmas concert for a church we were going to at the time. It was cold and windy and I think he had his son with him. And we saw him another time at Hope Chapel in Venice ( I miss it there!) Love you Bob, Hope you come to Boulder area sometime...........

NAME: Mike Czech
DATE: 12/9/96 @ 9:45:10

Thanks, I enjoyed reading your page. God has used your music at various times in my life to get my eyes off of myself and back on Him - thanks.

NAME: David Chase
DATE: 12/9/96 @ 23:57:09

it is exciting to know there are others who appreciate Bob's music! Thank you for putting this page.

NAME: Pierre Allegre
DATE: 12/10/96 @ 13:53:45

Thanks for making bob accessable on the enternet. I new bob in my so. cal. youth ministry days, but i've since come up to seattle and am now a senior pastor of a small church. i'm going to try to get bob up here for a concert. anyway, thanks!

NAME: jay rinkel
DATE: 12/11/96 @ 8:32:21

Checking to make sure this thing is working!!!

NAME: Ron Durham
DATE: 12/11/96 @ 9:21:37

i've been listening to Bob Bennett for nearly fifteen years and I do love the man & his music (by the way, who is this Bob Dylan guy I've heard people mention lately?)

NAME: Ingrid Burbey
DATE: 12/11/96 @ 14:29:25

My husband and I have loved Bob's music for a long time. Whenever I get really stressed about something, I hop in the car, put in a CD and listen to 'Madness Dancing' and 'Saviour of the World' until my perspectives on life go back to normal.

I have stipulated in my will that a buch of Bob Bennett songs get played during the funeral. Is that morbid?

Where's the best place to buy Bob's albums mail-order? We live in a pretty small town.

NAME: Tom Rhodes
DATE: 12/12/96 @ 15:52:55

Bob has quite a following in and around the Morganton, N.C. area. I try to see Bob and speak with him anytime he is in the area. When he appeared at the WMIT concert in Ridgecrest, N.C. Bob autographed my 12-string guitar! I first saw him at RockStock near Black Mountain, N.C. and again at the "Killer B's" concert in Brevard, N.C.. I only have two of his works, "Lord of the Past" and his "Bright Avenue" but I'd really love to have some of his older work and I can't find it ANYWHERE! (bummer) How can I get all his older recordings? I am looking forward to his new recording and intend to purchase it as soon as it is available. My friends and I hope Bob will book a few gigs in Western N.C. soon. I am a Christian guitarist/singer and I do a lot of Bob's music at local churches. Thanks for the opportunity to communicate with Bob and thanks for the great web page! God bless you. Yofren, Tom Rhodes

NAME: Ronnie Brookshire
DATE: 12/12/96 @ 20:09:28

Bob's music should be required listening for the whole world.

NAME: Craig Pitman
DATE: 12/12/96 @ 22:30:56

It's about time that Bob got his own Web page. This is a great opportunity for breaking down the "star-barrier" which all too greatly separates an artist from his audience. Well done!

NAME: Jeremy Bennett
DATE: 12/13/96 @ 14:06:57

Hey Uncle Bob! how's it going? this stuff is really cool.. you can reach out to the world with the touch of a button.. Jay, we have not met as of yet, but this is pretty cool and keep up the good work!

NAME: Phil Gueli
DATE: 12/17/96 @ 21:01:18

Dear Bob, I offer you greetings in His powerful name. I've enjoyed your work for over eight years, and eagerly await any new efforts. Bob, in your work, I often see my own emotions and thoughts. I feel your art cut to the core of my humanity and address those issues that sometimes difficult to face. Issues that sap our strength and hold us prisoner. In particular, "Singing for My Life" represents to me an all too familiar struggle. I thank you for your honesty! I've had the pleasure of meeting you twice in the past. Once in Rochester NY (i.e., 1990) and once in Greenbay WI (i.e., 1991). I only wish that time would have permited more than a handshake! Additionally, I've had the pleasure of spending some time with Miike Card. I know you realize this Bob, but Mike dearly loves you! And it is a pleasure to share his feelings. I lift you up in prayer every night and hope someday we'll get to met again. If you every get a free moment, I would enjoy hearing about your new project and any plans of touring. And I pray that God will allow your art to reach the ears of those who need to hear it, and I also pray for your peace. May God richly bless you in His mercy! In His Love, Phil

NAME: Nathan Jackson
DATE: 12/21/96 @ 19:07:54

Your concert near Chattanooga, Tennessee was excellent, and I enjoyed it. I hope you get rested up. How did your move go? I hope it went well.

Your Friend, Nathan Jackson

P.S. If you dont remember me I am Jay Rinkel's friend.

NAME: Tim Helmen
DATE: 12/24/96 @ 12:02:06

I'm very pleased to hear about the new recording coming out. I'm sold on it already if for no other reason than the format built around voice and guitar. There are so many guitarist/songwriters who sound great in solo concerts, and then find this fully-realized performance style greatly unrepresented on their recorded output (Keaggy and Wilcox come to mind--"East Ashville Hardware" is a great remedy in David's case.) Great songs and great playing can stand on their own, so I have no doubt this will be an excellent and inpiring addition to my collection.

NAME: Ken Culp Jr.
DATE: 12/25/96 @ 17:02:55

Just wanted to say congrates on the web page! I am looking forward to keeping up with Bob in the future. God Bless you and your ministery.

NAME: Michelle Orlando
DATE: 12/27/96 @ 20:37:37

Great job on the page!

NAME: Larry J. Watt
DATE: 12/29/96 @ 14:34:26

I've known Bob since high school and he is without a doubt one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. Bob actually sang at my wedding back in 1977. He did a wonderful version of the Carpenter's "We've Only Just Begun" on guitar and kazoo. Seriously, Bob is a warm, wonderful guy with an absolutly dynamite sense of humor. I love him.